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Cutest baby animal?

The Wife of Law

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That's a hard question, because there are too many: Babies of Bunnies, Koalas, Hedgehogs, Hamsters etc. would all qualify. If I have to pick a single one I would say Chinchilla babies, but this is really close.

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On 2021-09-14 at 4:15 AM, Justin_Case001 said:

Well, it sure as sh*t ain't humans, that's for sure.  Sweet, merciful Celestia.  :eww:

Basically any mammal other than humans.  Kittens, puppies, elephants, rhinos.  I think I'm gonna say big cats.  Y'know, lion and tiger cubs.

did you forget that you are human?

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There have been two cranes near my house and I'm so hoping they have babies! :squee:

Sandhill Crane Baby - Etsy

Little coyote :squee:

Baby Coyote - Everything About Them (with pictures) - Animal Hype

baby turtles :squee:

See Hundreds of Baby Turtles Hatch and Sprint For The Ocean - AZ Animals

baby bat :squee:

Biologists Attempt to Rescue Baby Bat in Borneo

baby crow :squee:

What do baby crows look like? - Gulo in Nature


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