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For about a year after I watched Littleshy's r/Place video I spend secretly watching and re watching all of the MLP FIM episodes and later on the Equestria Girls Movies (Found it to be quite confusing to find out the order they went in Lol). A little but before the time that we found out that season 9 was going to be the last season I had started to find all of the MLP content creators on YouTube. With no idea the history of the fandom in mind I dove into the pool of content that was still out there, this very quickly summarizes what has happened up to now. Now I wish to help, in anyway, the fandom which with no valuable skills have been trying to do by spreading the content that others have made through ifunny under the name "NovaNuke" (Check me out) and its good to see the people subscribing letting me know that they want to see more.

On another random topic im pulling in out of nowhere is my take on "How to tell others that your a brony" in short, in my way to tell others, is to not. Whether you like it or not and if you try to stop it or not things you want to keep secret will most likely be found out by others and at the end of the day they will tell others. Knowing this I think those who are not the proudest to be a brony to take a flutter shy way of doing things, slightly hide what your doing with this fandom from others and with time they will find out what your doing, whether it is a friend of family member who finds out it doesn't matter. When someone does find this out about you liking My Little Pony do not try and hide it more and double down that you don't but rather tell them that you do and act like they should have know all along. After this slowly show more and more of your love for the fandom to the public and be proud of that little bit that your showing and don't be afraid to defend what you like. 

I think what i'm done rambling on randomly, Thanks for reading.

My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: twilight-sparkle
How did you find MLP Forums?: Found this sight through making a account
How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:

I started within this fandom in the earlier months of 2019, mainly because of LittleshyFIM's r/Place video making me want to find out what this fandom is all about.

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