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Searching Love & Rescue [Searching/Planning][Open, Limited Slots]

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You might be wondering. What the hell does "Love & Rescue" entail? I mulled around a few other titles but landed on this one because it perfectly encapsulates the two main parts of the story that I, and anyone who joins, will build out. The starting premise may seem a tad cliched but MLP is full of those so it fits right in. Anyhow, the starting premise is that our pastel pony friends have somehow ended up on a very familiar world - our own. Yes, ponies on Earth. But that is only part one.

The first, smaller arc follows our tiny equines as they work to integrate into an entirely foreign society. We'll see the highs... and the very lows. Much of human society, at least in this story, is supportive and accepting, but there remains that contingent that is much less accepting. And even less so of those humans who forge relationships with their equine friends. That leads to the second, and longest, arc of the story.

The second arc will show the hostility from those who are less than enthralled that humans are spending intimate time with ponies as they would humans. In the start of this arc, it remains angry comments online and nasty comments in the streets. But, as things march forward and there are interspecies marriages, the hostility grows and the 'affronted' protest the legality of these unions then harass interspecies couples. However, when genetic scientists develop a method by which a human and pony couple could breed, certain groups began to coalesce. I have yet to name the organization that serves as the main antagonizing force but they are a coalesced group of extremists from many religions, denominations and sects. They are not limited to any particular belief system, but are united in their absolute hatred for those in humanity who have, as they'd say, "gone too far."

The second arc is the meat of the story and where our antagonists become a central theme. It's where we learn who leads it and where we learn their motives. Based in the States, they enact a plan to systematically capture as many ponies as ponies to be massacred in a horrific world broadcast. It is their way of displaying their ideals. This is where all of our main characters must make a choice: do they risk death to save their loved one or do they simply grieve and move on? This is where we, the band of heroes, come together to rescue our significant others. This will be like many action-driven pieces of media. The action will take place here.

When the task is complete, we wind down with the third arc. It will be the shortest arc and will detail the heroes uniting again with their loved ones and will end with a short epilogue.

Now that you know the basic plot, which we'll fill in as time goes, who's up for an adventure? I am looking for, at most, five other souls who wish to go on this journey.

Before we can begin in earnest, I would like to outline a few ground rules. I would prefer that everyone adhere to these so as not to make this less serious than I am aiming for. Additionally, this story will involve some... action movie scenes... in many places. That means there will be coarse language, people dying, among other things. If you're at all squeamish, this is not the story for you.

Rule 1: Your primary character must be human. No ifs, ands our buts about it. The story's central premise is that affection knows no bounds and can cross even species, so long as the other species is equally sapient. An addendum to this is that everyone must play at least ONE romantic interest for another participant such that it is split more evenly among everyone.

Rule 2: In selecting a partner that your character has taken, I am restricting it to less prominent characters. What this means entails is that anyone who is part of the Mane 6 or their family, or a pony with a prominent role within the show (the CMC, any princess or Starlight Glimmer for example) is out. Sorry, no original ponies please since I do not want anyone having to roleplay with themselves. As much as possible of course. Also, no fighting over a character.

Rule 3: Being an action oriented story, there will be gruesome scenes and 'inappropriate' language. Keep it to a relatively R-rated level without going too overboard. I don't want heavily detailed depictions of torture or anything. Allude to it but don't be detailed. The same goes for anything that's on the lewd side. Allude, but don't be explicit.

Rule 4: I expect a modicum of technical writing ability. This includes proper punctuation and properly formatted writing styles. I expect replies to be written in the form of a short story or novel. If you intend to use stars to denote actions or write everything in italics, please do not join. Additionally, I plan on putting this in the 'advanced' section so a minimum of 1000 characters will be required so no one liners please.

Rule 5: When designing your character, do not make them completely perfect in every single way. This is meant to be ordinary people taking up arms to be with those they love. Your character doesn't need to be fancy or have some elaborate backstory, but should just be realistic. Hell, you can depict yourself if you really wanted to. At a minimum, we'll need a name, age, skillset, a basic description, a bit about their personality and whom they've chosen as a partner. If you want a little backstory, that's cool and the gang! You can define your characters right in here. I don't really require a super formal character sheet.

I will be playing two heroes, along with the major players in the militant organization and romantic interests of course.

Name - Alexander "Alex" Redman
Eye Color - blue
Hair Color - dark brown
Height - 5'7"
Weight - ~170 lbs
Age - 30
Partner - (a very much adult) Twist
Occupation - software developer
Skills - technological proficiency, marksmanship, mechanic proficiency
Info - An average IT type who wears glasses and has somewhat messy hair. He's the friendly type, having little trouble with even the most difficult clients. He is the son of a Marine and a housewife and his father taught him to shoot and how to be handy with tools. Always a bit of an oddball in some ways, he met an Earth pony who was perfect for him and they soon got married. When not working, he's with his wife or out with his buds from work.

Name - Mika Winters
Eye Color - heterochromia (one green, one blue)
Hair Color - strawberry blonde
Height - 5'2"
Weight - ~115 lbs
Age - 23
Partner - Thunderlane
Occupation - restaurant manager
Skillset - medical
Info - Mika is a soft-hearted woman with a true heart of gold. She's friendly, outgoing and very charming. Right now, she manages a restaurant while working to become registered nurse. It was her and her dad for most of her life, and her father was a surgeon. He fostered the zeal to help anyone she could. Unsurprisingly to her father but a shock to her coworkers, she married a stallion who, incidentally, swept her off of her feet.

There are five slots open. Who's going to join? Who's up for a life or death mission to save your loved one?

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