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Request 5 of 23 from the Christmas 2020 batch on deviantart. This one was requested by Tipsysheep, who asked me to draw their OC Alyssa.
She's a very pretty character. She also doesn't like shoes, so I gave her some polka-dot socks (partly because I didn't want to draw toes). I didn't think a dress would be appropriate for the pose, so i went with more casual clothes that were described instead.
Request 6 of 23 from the Christmas 2020 batch on deviantart. This one was requested by pokeczarelf, who asked me to draw their OC Zeras.
This one was a bit of a challenge to draw. I'm not sure I hit all the points quite right for the character, but I do like how he came out regardless.
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It's the first time in a very long time that I've drawn this little girl. I suppose you could call this a redesign, but not much has really changed about her appearance. The clothes are almost all the same (she wears a tank top and shorts underneath that huge sweater, btw) and her markings mostly are as well. They shifted slightly on her legs, where the darker bit used to be below the knee as opposed to above it. She also now has glasses and a backpack, but that's all for appearance changes.

Anyway, this is Isabelle Fontain. She's 11 years old, and a Basset hound, so she's kind of short for her age.

As for her backstory, that's changed a bit. Originally I made her dim-witted and  I think I had her be adopted before.
Personality wise, she's a social butterfly. She loves to meet new people and learn new things. She's still very happy-go-lucky and it appears as if nothing can bother her. People tend to think she's very aloof and naive, but she's actually incredibly intelligent.

Isabelle is the daughter of a scientist and a doctor. She was born with a rare condition known as CIP, which is Congenital insensitivity to Pain, which also known as congenital analgesia. This basically means she can't feel any type of physical pain, and has never felt it. Because of this she also has trouble sensing temperature changes with hot and cold, and her sense of touch is dulled quite a bit. Her father built a device that can sense these things for her. It was implanted in the back of her neck at a young age (like one might microchip a pet). The device is microscopic and causes no discomfort, but it can sense these changes for Isabelle, sending signals to her brain to tell her if its hot or cold out, or if she's starting to burn herself or anything similar. It can't help her with feeling pain or improving her sense of touch, so she has to be quite aware of anything that might be causing her body physical harm.

Due to her advanced intellect, Isabelle has advanced through many grades quite quickly. Technology interests her a great deal, and she's actually taking college level courses at her age. It's not uncommon to see her backpack full of broken electronics. She enjoys figuring out how they work and attempting to put said electronics back together, many times succeeding in her endeavors.


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