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Last 2 of the deviantart requests I had for over a month. Had fun with them but glad that they're finally done. These two are Aisha Sanza (left, owned by Emerald-Thunder-HQ on deviantart) and Lun

Sometimes I draw non-pony related pictures. Sometimes I like to share them outside my commission shop. Maybe more people will see it beyond a status post. Whatever the case, I felt like making this to

I shared this one in my status thing before, but I'm sticking her here too. Was also one of the requested (got 14 in all at the time. lol) This is Latasha the Hare, and she's owned by That-RepliQ

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Had a new Sonic OC on my mind for awhile and I finally finished him. Meet Ichabod Krane, a sandhill crane.
Now, before I get into who he is, there's a bit of a story behind his creation. See, he's based heavily off the Ichabod Crane from the story 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow'. This story was written by Washington Irving, an American author who penned the story while living abroad in Birmingham, England. I bring this up, because my Ichabod's avian species, the sandhill crane is native to the United States (and Canada) which was once a British colony. Sandhill cranes have been spotted in Britain as well, though sightings are far rarer.
Now on to Ichabod as a character.
He's very self-assured, well-read, and bordering on arrogant. He's prideful in his knowledge and near-photographic memory. He works as a teacher at a prestigious school and has an eye for old fashioned clothing. He's also a master fencer, and a rapier is hidden within his umbrella. He is 32 years old, loves to read, and his favorite books include ones on history and culture, which a few guilty pleasures that venture into fantasy and adventure.
Now why did I say near-photographic? Well, here's the thing, he does have a photographic memory, except for some holes punched in his memory like Swiss cheese, several nights where it's nothing but blank. Why would that be? He's not a drunk - in fact he utterly despises most all forms of alcohol, except for a VERY occasional and small glass of fine wine. He's got enough of a palette to know the difference between and cheap and expensive one.
Now for another preface, 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow' included not only Ichabod Crane, but also a mysterious ghostly entity known as the Headless Horseman. I'm not going into the story much, but suffice to say that Crane disappears from the town of Sleepy Hollow one night and no one knows exactly what happened to him.
The thing is, my Ichabod Krane and the Headless Horseman are one and the same (though the form will probably go by a different name). It's sort of a Jekyll/Hyde situation, or maybe a Ghost Rider situation, but suffice to say that my Ichabod never remembers the nights he turns into the entity, only that he has a penchant for turning up in strange places occasionally, sometimes under not-so-pretty circumstances.
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Is it weird to do fanart for you own story? Because I did fanart for my own story. Got WotH Amy here with WotH Sonic is a beast. He's a little overprotective of her, and Amy's just like 'Really? Darling, please, not in front of everyone!' or...something like that. Lol. But you can tell she likes it regardless.

I did use an existing picture as a reference for the posing, so I'll like it and the artist below.

https://www.deviantart.com/missthunderkin/art/Little-Red-Riding-Hood-and-Her-Wolf-461134357 by the talented artist MissThunderkin

If anyone would like to read 'Wars of the Heart', here's a link to the beginning:

WotH Prologue: https://www.deviantart.com/midnightfire1222/art/Wars-of-the-Heart-Prologue-861872701

Also available on AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/28074276/chapters/68780793


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I don't know how many people wanted it, or might have imagined it, but here's a physical example of what the main antagonist from Wars of the Heart looks like.
Ursula Belle, also known as Ursula the Dark or Ursula of the Black Night, is a powerful an ancient witch inhabiting the world of Rhapsody, the setting of Wars of the Heart. She had at least two known children: Ahara, a sorceress like herself, and Kentaro, Ahara's older brother and stuck in his own type of werebeast form that was presumably caused by his mother to begin with. Ursula is also responsible for the curse cast on Sonic's family line, that causes them to turn into very similar beasts when the sun goes down. She's responsible for attacks on several cities, including the ones on Anthem, and commands many legions of monsters, beasts, and even Hunters. She's incredibly vindictive, manipulative, and cruel, and will stop at nothing to get what she wants even if it endangers the ones she's supposed to care about.
If anyone would like to read 'Wars of the Heart' and see more of Ursula, here's a link to the beginning:
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