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Name a character that isn't been ponified!

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Almost every character has been ponified. Name a few that hasn't been! (and I say character, not person, a person is real, a character is not... sadly...)

+1 cookie for a popular character!


My pick is Goro Majima from the Yakuza Series! I love this character and I can't believe there's no pony of him.


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19 minutes ago, Sonic Shimmer said:

Never seen Rocky Balboa ponified

There's this guy:


And also this:


As for someone not yet ponified: I don't think I've seen Henry from Kingdom Come: Deliverance ponified. Or any other characters from this great game.


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Uh. I highly believe Boboiboy and his gang has not been ponified (although I haven't payed attention to the fandom as of late so can't really say).

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