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So I decided to redesign my sona a bit. I don't really like it when people say she looks very similar to someone else's. it hasn't happened for a bit, but on a couple different occasions she was say to look like two different people's sonas/OCs and each time it annoyed me. I've also wanted to redo her for a bit to give a better explanation as to why she has fire powers when at the time she was clearly just an earth pony.

So, meet the redesigned Midnight Fire.


If this gets compared to looking very similar to someone else's OC then I just give up. She's staying like this unless I give her like new clothes/accessories or a new hairstyle or something.

Anyway, she's still red, still has the hazel eyes and brown mane/tail which are relatively the same still, and the cutie mark is still the same, and so are her glasses. What has changed is that now she's a mix: part kirin and part earth pony. I've adored kirins since I first saw them in the show, and because they have some fire power so to speak, it gives me more of a reason for her to have fire magic, and be able to transform into something dark/dangerous I hinted at sometime ago but never actually depicted before. Her clothing has also changed. I have two very similar looking shirts that are very close to this shade of purple that I wear a lot more than the blue one, plus it looks nicer with the red fur and gold-ish scales/hooves/ear tips she now has. As for the earrings, they're ones I've been wearing to work a lot recently and a pair of my favorites and they look really good with the shirt.

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Commission for an anonymous customer. They wanted Pinkie Pie enjoying a video of something called Stick Death Maze. I don't know anything about the video, but i guess it's some sort of series on YouTube some people do. I don't really know. Anyway, I love how this came out. Perspectives like this aren't my strong suit so I'm glad it came out well, and the customer loved it.



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