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Them's fightin heards game

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Does any pony know the game Them's fightin heards supposidly lauren Faust created that game based on mlp


It's a fighting game based on the art style of mlp

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11 hours ago, Denim&Venöm said:

Still waiting on my physical collectors copy for PC.

How long have you waited so far?

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On 6/8/2020 at 3:00 PM, Denim&Venöm said:

About 5 years. 

Sounds about right.

While you are waiting, you can always enjoy this theme (I do from time to time :fluttershy:):


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Bought that thing last year and still haven't played it once xD

I mean, is not like it really calls me. You see, knowing all the characters are expies of the mane 6, seeing how their mechanics are the same the mane 6 had on fighting is magic and seeing how they didn't really do much for the goat until recently has me wondering why did I buy it in the first place having a working totally free tribute edition laying on my desktop.

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