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I had a s****y morning. I haven't written anything in years. Its raw and terrible but something I needed to do.



Heavy eyes trying to stay open,
After cheap sleep stolen off a guilty night.
Not enough words to satisfy,
And so I wanted to tell you something.

I dreamt of something wonderful,
But that memory is long gone.
Fading images of something lovely,
Like a perfect clearing where we could be ourselves.

In and out at dawn I try to stay awake,
As my post dream haze tells me sweet lies.

Little could I have known that a failure in technology to notify
Would leave me in the dark as you would struggle just to get by.
Curious wolf found the lock and key,
That might dare to set her future free.
Misery loves company…
I wasn’t there for you,
But your friend in the case knew exactly what to do.
So you stole yourself a toy that spoke to your depression
Even if you tell me it wasn’t loaded at your discretion

Terror caught across my face
Dirty messages seen too late
Panic bound on a five hour course

Horrible displays of personal carnage scar my mind 
Vomit till there’s nothing left so calmer thoughts unwind

Darling don’t bite that toy
I need you in my life
You’re my pride and joy

I’m terrified to sleep again…


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