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Trulli Tales is a cartoon about four wizard chefs who cook. They get their recipes from Trulli Grandma's magic cookbook. Copperpot, the villain, always tries to take the magic cookbook. The wizard chefs' names are Ring, Zip, Stella, and Sun. They have multiple cooking instructors (professors, maybe I should say). 

The network varies by country... but I'll provide some information on current and former networks. But first, I'll go back to the series' origins. The original title while it was first in production was "Trullalleri". That was the original, I guess you could say, alpha or early beta title for the series. The articles published (in 2014) that mention the original title are in Italian, which indicates that the idea for the series was created (by Italians) and/or (in Italy). The earliest article that uses the current title, Trulli Tales, was published in English in 2015. Also, note that, in Quebec (Canada), the "Trullalleri" title is still used for the Canadian French dub... in France, however, it's called Trulli Tales just like in the English-speaking world and Italy. Another thing I'd like to add too, is the original language for the series is/was English, but it was/is dubbed into Canadian French, European French, and Italian. Also, the first network to air the series in 2017 was a Brazilian TV network, Gloobinho. And according to the credits, it was produced by the Italian public broadcaster, Gloobinho in Brazil, Disney networks Europe, and multiple French and Canadian production companies. And I'd like to add also, that according to an article published in 2015, it was scheduled to air in 2016, so it must have not been completed by then.

Now, anyway, I'll provide more info on networks here.

If possible, if I'm not busy, I might try to update you on what networks are currently airing the series too. I'll probably try to focus the most on Nick Jr., though, since they've been airing the series on-and-off, and they're a U.S. network, and the U.S. is where I live.

Gloobinho Brazil (2017-present)

RAI Italy (public broadcaster) (2017-present)

Disney Junior EU (2017-late 2018)

Disney Junior UK and Ireland (2017 or early 2018-late 2018)

Tiny Pop (UK) (January 2019-present)

Nick Jr. (U.S. and Latin America) (October 2019-March 2020; April 2020-June 2020; unknown if it'll air or be reran again; I'm assuming the reason they even started airing it and rerunning it again in the U.S. in the first place was because I requested them to air it again.)

Prime (New Zealand TV network) (Part of morning TV schedule) (unknown date-recent date in 2020; unknown if it'll air again.)

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