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More Pony Life videos.


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The official MLP YouTube channel released some more Pony Life videos, including Meet Applejack, and a Best Of for Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Rarity.


Honestly, Pony Life is growing on me a bit after the Best Of videos. It helps that it's not mean-spirited like Teen Titans Go.

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I just hope these trailers don't end up showing us too much of the series too soon.  I'm not even talking about spoilers; I'm talking about giving us so much content that we could reconstruct most of the episodes ourselves before they even premiere!

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We now have a Best Moments video for Applejack and Rainbow Dash.

The scene with the dolphin guy made me think of something about Dol-FIN-ale. 

Maybe the title isn't referring to it being the finale for Pony Life, but the finale of the show the dolphin guy is the star of.

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Knowing the cuties are appearing, I don’t see Madeleine Peters returning as Scootie the Most Cutie. I think she’ll be replaced by her latest singing voice: Arielle Tuliao, who also voiced Supernova Zap 

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