Pony Life Episode 3 and 4 Treehouse discussion thread

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I admit that I chuckled a few times over these episodes. Rarity still seems to be getting the best lines, but that might just be my extremely slight leaning towards liking Rarity, which is well known for its mildness. 

Fluttershy mass-shifting confirmed! It just seems to be a power she has now... not saying it's bad, mind you. 

Spike also seemed to create a bubble a la Steven Universe, but that might just have been so Bubbles could "burst his bubble" as a visual gag. Let's see if it reappears. At least he still has his wings. 

The plot of the Cat-astrophe episode wasn't really much to write home about. Applejack's Hat was a bit better, but that's mostly because Rarity was awesome in it. 

One good thing about Pony Life. It makes me want to rewatch FiM!  

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