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gaming Blitz: The League


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Welcome to The League, kid.


Blitz: The League was Midway's response to EA getting exclusive rights to NFL branding. Using gameplay style similar to previous NFL Blitz games, Blitz: The League has a darker, grittier take on the sport of American Football. In this game, there are no penalties, injuring opposing players is not only allowed, but encouraged. These injuries range from Fractured Fingers to Broken Neck. When an injury occurs, you get a nice Mortal Kombat-esque X-Rays to see what kind of injury the players sustain. Taking performance enhancing drugs is commonplace and in some cases, necessary to win.

The League operates on a series of promotion and regulation. In both games you start out as a lowly Division 3 team and claw your way to become the Division 1 Champions. Like I said earlier, gameplay is similar to NFL Blitz games. There are only 2 minute quarters (which can be increased to 5 if you so chose), a "Clash" meter, in order to preform stunning plays on offense and devastating dirty hits and injuries on defense. 

Both games have extensive team customization. Choose a city, nickname and logo. Decide on a color scheme and delve deep into uniform customization. You can customize your players (with some exceptions for story purposes), by changing their name, number and appearance on the field.


So with the background info out of the way, who here has actually played these games? What's your favorite team to play as/play against? Should there be a third game in the series? 

Personally, I believe there should be a third game, because I find arcade football games a lot more fun than simulator football games, but I highly doubt that a third game will ever come, as EA holds the license to the franchise due to Midway folding. 

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