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My Ideas for Flash Sentry having More character Development MLP & The EG Movies


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A few new ideas I have for MLP Today is Flash Sentry's character development & his role In Canterlot High, I hope you all like the ideas I have for the character: 

Flash Sentry could be portrayed as the class president of Canterlot High, and A mentor for current and New CHS students who struggle to pass. This way, Flash can maybe help Twilight fit In the Human World and the High School more. Flash Sentry can even maybe Introduce Twilight to the Human versions of the Mane 6 at some points in the movie as the Best Students that can help her. 

This next idea I have is for Twilight & Flash's first time meeting each, and It takes place During The first MLP EG Movie.:

Flash Sentry: "Oh, Are You okay?"

Twilight Sparkle: "I-I am. Thank you."

Flash Sentry: "Don't think I've seen you here before. You're new here at this school?"

Twilight Sparkle: "Uh, Yes. It's hard finding help around this place, and I'm a little nervous"

Flash Sentry: "Hey, it's okay. The first time is always scary at first. I'm Flash by the way. Flash Sentry."

Twilight Sparkle: "Nice to meet you Flash, My name's Twilight Sparkle. So this Is Canterlot High?"

Flash Sentry: "Yes, it's one of the best schools. Are you lost?"

Twilight Sparkle: "Yes, I sort of am."

Flash Sentry: "If you like I could show you around. You know, like a tour."

Twilight Sparkle: "You'd do that? That sounds great, but I don't want to take up your time."

Flash Sentry: "Hey, it's okay. My class doesn't start quite yet. Enough time for you to get to know the school while we go to the Principal's Office. If you're new, I'm sure that's where you were going."

Twilight Sparkle: "Sure. By all means, lead the way Flash."

I also decided to write my own ideas for Flash Sentry having some scenes/development in the MLP; FIM Show itself, I'm not sure what episodes the scenes would take place in, but they're just ideas. I hope you like them:

Scene 1 (Flash Sentry & His little brother Felix Sentry)

Felix Sentry: "Can You Fly Faster, Flash?!"

Flash Sentry: "Sure, but Hold on tight!"

Felix Sentry: "Woo-hoo!!! So are we gonna get to Ponyville Soon?"

Flash Sentry: "Don't worry, we'll get to Ponyville in time. What do you have going on there, Felix?"

Felix Sentry: "My friends from school said it's Twilight Sparkle's birthday. There's going to be a huge celebration, I can't wait."

Flash Sentry: "That Sounds like fun."

Felix Sentry: "It's kind of a shame you have to go to work. I wish you could be there."

Flash Sentry: "I do too, but You know, work comes first."

Scene 2 (Shining Armor promotes Flash Sentry)

Shining Armor: "Your promotion comes with new responsibilities, Flash."

Flash Sentry: "Yes sir."

Shining Armor: "For some reason my wife has taken a liking to you. She has requested you for her personal guard."

Flash Sentry: "Really?! Wow, I'm honored"

Shining Armor: "Yes, I am too, and I have faith in your abilities & I trust you to do your duty. Right now we have need of some other skills you possess. As you know you're one of the few Pegasus ponies in the whole Crystal Empire, you're certainly the only one we trust to deliver important documents to Very Important Ponies in Equestria."

Flash Sentry: "I am indeed, & I guarantee that I won't let you down."

Shining Armor: "Good, You Better not..."

Princess Cadence: "You don't need to pick on Flash Sentry, Shining. Here Flash, I want these delivered for me. They're the first two invitations to the Equestria Games our country is hosting soon. Please deliver them personally to Princess Celestia & Luna."

Flash Sentry: "I'm on it, your Highness, you can count on me. Is Princess Twilight receiving an invitation too?"

Princess Cadence: *Giggle* "You don't need to worry about that Flash. I appreciate concern, but I'm hoping to give Twilight her invitation in person next time I see her."

Shining Armor: "Well? What are you waiting for? You have your first mission. GO!"

Flash Sentry: "Yes, your Highness."

Scene 3 (Flash Sentry Meets Cheese Pie)

Cheese Sandwich: "Hi there! I'm Cheese Sandwich! What's your name?"

Flash Sentry: "Um, Flash Sentry. It's nice to meet you, but how and why are you flying up here with me?!"

Cheese Sandwich: "I'm using some Balloons Pinkie let me borrow. I'm on my way to Ponyville, are you"

Flash Sentry: "Yeah, I am. I'm heading there to Visit A Mare I like, In fact."

Cheese Sandwich: "Really? Me too! Say, you wanna hang out more often, Flash?"

Flash Sentry: "Sure, I don't see why not. Anyway, Let's head over to Ponyville."

Scene 4 (Flash Sentry meets with Princess Celestia)

Flash Sentry: "I'm here to see the Princess. Let me pass."

Unicorn Guard: "Well, if it isn't Flash Sentry. I remember during your academy days you were constantly getting in trouble. You must have screwed up big time to be transferred to someplace like the Crystal Empire, Flash."

Flash Sentry: "That's Lieutenant to you, PRIVATE."

Unicorn Guard: "Ah...Uh-oh. I didn't realize that. Sorry, sir. The Princess will see you now, sir."

Flash Sentry: "Greetings Your Highness, I'm Flash Sentry from the Crystal Empire. Princess Cadance & Shining Armor are going to start sending out invitations for the Equestria Games. They wanted me to make sure Your Highness and Princess Luna received yours first."

Princess Celestia: "Thank you for bringing me this, but I'm afraid my sister Luna isn't here right now. She went to the Festival of the Full Moon."

Flash Sentry: "Oh. Well my orders are to deliver these head-on. I guess I'm going to the Festival of the Full Moon."

Princess Celestia: "Please send my regards to Cadance and Shining Armor. Oh, and Flash…"

Flash Sentry: "Yes, Your Highness?"

Princess Celestia: "Congratulations on your promotion."

Scene 5 (Flash Sentry Meets Princess Luna)

Flash Sentry: "Here is where the Festival of the Full Moon is being held. Now I need to find the Princess."

*Flash approached a group of ponies and spotted Princess Luna in the crowd. Before he could reach her she took flight and sped away with her guardspony. Immediately Flash took to the air and raced after her…*

Flash Sentry: "Princess Luna! Princess Luna! I have a delivery for you!"

Princess Luna: "Look, it's Flash Sentry of the Crystal Empire! You best keep up then!"

Flash Sentry: "I have an invite for you to the Equestria Games. If you'd just take it…"

Princess Luna: "No time for that now! Hurry! Hurry!"

Flash Sentry: "But Your Highness…!"

Princess Luna: "No time! Keep up!"

*Princess Luna continued to fly through through the night sky, Flash Sentry was barely able to keep pace with her. But Flash had his orders and he would do his duty by making this delivery. It seemed like forever and Flash's wings began to tire but finally Princess Luna come to an abrupt landing.*

Princess Luna: "Here we are!"

Flash Sentry: "Phew! You sure fly fast, Your Highness. As I was saying…"

Loudspeaker: "And the winner of the Midnight Marathon…Princess Luna! In second place…Why, it's Flash Sentry! Royal Guard of the Crystal Empire."

Flash Sentry: "Huh? What marathon?"

Princess Luna: "Huzzah! What fun a challenge can bring!"

Flash Sentry: "Princess Cadance wanted me to bring this to you, it's your invitation to the Equestria Games."

Princess Luna: "The Equestria Games will offer plenty of challenges, I'm sure a great time will be had by all. Thank you for bringing me this Flash Sentry."

Flash Sentry: "You're welcome, Your Highness. We're working hard to make this the best games ever."

Princess Luna: "Now it's time to celebrate! Let's head down to Ponyville and party through the night."

Flash Sentry: "To Ponyville…?"

*To his left Flash Sentry could see Ponyville in the far distance. On his right he could just make out the mountains that marked the borders of the Crystal Empire.*

Flash Sentry: "I'm sorry Your Highness, I have to report to my Captain."

*Flash flies towards the Crystal Empire and home.*

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Flash Sentry was supposed to be Twilight's love story, but it was stopped very early on, probably as soon as the audience of the trailer started voicing their opinion.

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41 minutes ago, Splashee said:

Flash Sentry was supposed to be Twilight's love story, but it was stopped very early on, probably as soon as the audience of the trailer started voicing their opinion.

If that's the case then I wonder how come the backlash of Spike turning out to be a dog instead of human didn't make the writers realize it was a bad idea to do that to Spike?

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