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Criminally Cute 2 Redux

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DA Link: https://www.deviantart.com/spellboundcanvas/art/Criminally-Cute-2-Redux-847763207

This is a remake of Criminally Cute 2, which is a sequel to Criminally Cute.

I decided to redo this art piece because I was unsatisfied with how it turned out. Scootaloo looked out of perspective, the lighting was lackluster, and the background was barebones.
If I had a story, it would be something like this; with the growing number of ponies dying from cuteness induced diabetes, Celestia and Luna issued a decree that placed a limit on how cute ponies can be. All ponies who are deemed too cute are to be arrested and quarantined. Detainees will be held in custody until they're cuteness levels have dropped to safe levels and are deemed safe for the public. If necessary, ponies may be imprisoned FOR LIFE.

Applebloom: Please let us go!

Sweetie Belle: We're sorry we broke the law!

Scootaloo: We promise we won't do it again!

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