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web A little known youtuber I like called galvanicteam


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So I've been following an incredibly small YouTube team  called GalvanicTeam and I really think they need more recognition so I'm here to spread the good word :yay:

They mostly do videos ranging from media news, video game, anime, manga and movie reviews, and occasionally they do dubs of manga style comics they make featuring the two hostesses of GalvanicTeam's videos Rila and Riley called Bulletwin Tales though they haven't done those in a while.

1 thing I would like to add that's kind of a personal observational opinion but the character Riley's voice actress sounds uncannily similar to Nowacking before they transitioned, may be it's just me I don't know but I'll link two of GalvanicTeam's videos featuring just Riley so you can not only see a bit of what they got on their channel but also so you can tell me if you think she sounds like Nowacking or not, and whether or not you like what GalvanicTeam's got going.


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Simply sharing a YouTube channel to help attract traffic to it would be better done as a status update or blog entry. As its own topic, it doesn’t contain much potential to commence a meaningful, lasting discussion. 


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