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movies/tv What is the most famous TV show/Film filmed in your town?


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You'd think it'd be That 70s Show or Happy Days. Milwaukee even has a bronze Fonz statue. But both are what I'd call Wisconsynthetic, taking place around Milwaukee, but are 100% Hollywood. 

The Blues Brothers would be the most well known. Had it's ending sequence filmed here in Milwaukee. But the film takes place in and is mostly shot in Chicago, so I barely count that. 

So the true most famous film from Milwaukee, goes to


The training camp scenes are in Arizona, true to life. But the majority of locations were filmed in Milwaukee. The baseball games were played in the old county stadium.  And broadcaster Harry Doyle is played by the voice of the Brewers,  Bob Uecker. 

When not even Cleveland can do their own city justice, leave it to Milwaukee to get the job done. 

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