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Fantasy RP Suggestion Box: Definitive Edition for Poniverse

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I'm only half-joking here. There's quite a lot of small RPs around but none that really captures the appeal of a fantasy action adventure. So, what kind of a setting would go around these parts? The one with elves, dwarves, humans, and the rest of standard Tolkien fare? The one with creatures? It is a Pony forum after all. Should the world in that case belong to the FIM series?


Now, this being an abandoned graveyard and all, I'll probably just use it as a personal blog for fantasy suggestion stuff, or a repository of dick pics. We'll see where it goes.

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As was foretold. So let us get on with the program. After much pondering I have concluded that standard D&D dice format is stupid and can only be brought to its full potential in a real time scenario. On message boards, it should be substituted by real life references + world lore.



Goat-kun, what is this madness? What I'm saying is that if John the Farmer swings his sword at a kite shield he'll always get a failure with zero damage dealt, or even a critical failure if the opponent is close enough to slam that shield into John's head. No numbers, just real world effects that anyone can understand. That stops you from wasting your time on a system that demands literally everything to be translated into stat numbers. However, it does put a heavy burden on the DM when it comes to final arbitration, but since you're RPing on a forum, you have time to hear out both parties. And let's not kid ourselves; you'd still need to put numbers on attacks and random items if you choose the classic dice roll approach. Having a RL reference eliminates that kerfuffle almost entirely.  It also means Farmer John may want to refrain from trying to swing his sword to get in whatever damage he can since the fight without clear hitpoints can end in him suffering a grievous wound. Admittedly, this does eliminate fun for people who think on the level of hack & slash. If you aren't thinking like a Goblin Slayer, you are gonna die real fast.



But Goat-kun, what about magic? You can deal with magic the same way any non-game IP did it. Gandalf did not have stats, neither did Harry Potter. Be smart, be creative. Besides, you can still use RL reference for a fireball. It's not that hard. Though, you'd still need a primitive value system for mana pools.



And supplies? It depends. You don't need to RP every meal, but when you're out adventuring and if your DM feels like Darkest Dungeon Ancestor, the characters will have to eat stale bread or forage for supplies. It makes non-combat skills almost as if not equally as important as combat ones. Having a hunter or someone who generally knows nature will grant a party far greater versatility than a bunch of beefy heroes that will die from poisoning or starvation. That means some characters may not need to be very good in combat to be very useful to the party.

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