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open Vamponies: Monsters or Misunderstood?

Happy Heart

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On a bright sunny day, at a quarter til noon, the sun was glared up from the Ponyville Town Square, where there was a spreading rumor where a supposedly evil species of ponies—VAMPONIES—are beginning to roam the streets of the town at night, seeking victims to bite. Parts of the rumor are true; as it might as well be true that vamponies will roam the darkened alleys of Ponyville...but the fact that they are seen as a horrific and condemned breed of pony is simply untrue. 

In the middle of the day, an olive furred, black maned stallion was trotting around the town square. His ear twitched and he turned his head when he heard various whispers and tall tales about this newly discovered breed of pony. His heart ached as he heard such gossips like "They are evil!" and "They must be destroyed" or "They are going to suck the life out of the all the foals in town!". Such words disgusted him when knowing so many are quick to jump to conclusions about vamponies.


He felt he had to do something about them. He felt that—in the ever present name of friendship—he had to clear the reputation of vamponies so that ponies would come to know them better, and perhaps to adore them as a species.

Will he succeed in changing everypony's viewpoints about vamponies, or are they doomed to be segregated to utter destruction?



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*Pearl Orchid, the beautiful vampony mare, happened to be out walking as well. She had long silver hair and red eyes and wore a long black cloak with a pointy collar that was red on the inside. She was about to pass him by as she was walking in his direction, her elegant cloak blowing in the wind. She knew all too well about how their race was ostracized and discriminated against. The Knights of the Holy Guard led by Alabaster Dreadscythe were especially a problem. They served under Princess Divinity, the Alicorn Princess of Light and Purity. But they did heinous and appalling things that they kept secret from her. And they lived and breathed the extinction of vamponies, swearing to the townsponies that they would wipe out this threat and keep them all safe. Pearl's blood boiled at the thought. If she had fists to clench she would. But she didn't really know who she could talk to or trust about it. Right now she just kept walking, hoping nopony would attack her or suspect her since she was walking during the day.*

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*As multiple ponies noticed her walking by, they turned their heads toward her, giving her glances of fear, hatred. Anger and terror. A random pony ran off as the rest clustered together and began to close in on her. Happy noticed this and slowly turned his head as nopony noticed him as he did not have any noticeable vamponic appearances through some disguise.

As more and more ponies started to form a gang, they were following Pearl. All giving her hateful glances and mumbling*

"Look, it's one of them."

"She's trouble."

"It's a vampony...a Daywalker."

"She must be planning something."

"Is she involved with the vamponies that's will attack tonight?"

"We've got to stop this, at all costs!"

*Soon an entire mob was chasing after her, bent on removing whatever wicked forces were threatening their peaceful town. Or at least, that's what they believe within the mob mentality. Ponies came to the streets while carrying the overly clichéd pitchforks and torches..)


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Pearl: "Oh for Celestia's sake...I just can't catch a break..." *Pearl said with an annoyed grumble as she began to run away as quickly as she could. Her vampire speed gave her a big advantage.*

*But then some Canterlot guards would point their spears at her as they blocked her path*

Guard: "Stop right there vampony!"

Pearl: "Darn it!" *She would say before fighting off the guards with ease, breaking their weapons and knocking them out. This would of course make a huge scene and cause ponies to start freaking out as they saw the guards being knocked out with punches and kicks and their spears being caught and broken.*

Pearl: "I never killed a single one of you. I just hope Princess Celestia will see this and have more sense than you. Let it be known that I am not the monster you thought I was. Enjoy being on your Celestiadamn high horse you arrogant mortals..."

Guard: "We don't have to take this from you!" *The guard retorted before being knocked out by a spinning roundhouse kick from Pearl*

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