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I made a Youtube channel for my Guitar tabs

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Hey, everypony! I just wanted to say that I made a Youtube channel and have posted all of my MLP fingerstyle guitar tabs (from this thread ) to it as Guitar Pro playback vids. So if you don't have the Guitar Pro program you can still have a pseudo Guitar Pro experience, to see and hear the tabs being played back with the realistic sound engine active. And it can give you a good idea of what the cover sounds like. :darling: I thought these YT vids might be more accessible than the tab files to some people. :blush:

Aside from my MLP tabs, I also have fingerstyle arrangements from various anime, video games, and rock-metal songs. :mlp_smug:

My username is different on there; It's a ponification of the handle I go by on Gametabs. :mlp_lie: I don't have any fancy thumbnails so it all looks pretty basic, and I'm still in the process of posting all of my other tabs, but all of my finished MLP tabs are posted and I just wanted to share in case anyone is interested. :please:

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Convenient, very convenient. :darling: subbed, so that I can find these easily dfEG13d.png

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Cool, I'll check it out once I get on my desktop computer!

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