Windy Breeze 🥧

Rainbow Dash 'saves' the day... I guess

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One day, in Ponyville, Rainbow Dash saw Windy Breeze, a Wonderbolt strolling around town when a Shadowbolt (Shadow Trail) flew out of nowhere and approached her. Rainbow had a past experience of the Shadowbolts and immediately assumed the Shadowbolt would do the same to Windy. She quickly flew and kicked Shadow on the face right above her muzzle. Windy's reaction was. Unexpected... 

“Rainbow, Shadow came to Ponyville so i and Pinkie can teach her how to make cakes, not to teach her martial arts!”

Edited by Windy Breeze 🥧
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Oof, dang it Rainbow, always jumping to conclusions!

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As much as I love the Wonderbolts, I always thought the Shadowbolts were super cool too B) I wish we could have seen more of them in the show

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