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General Do you have a Pony-sona/MLP-Sona? Share em! Tell me about em!

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I can go first as I've made this post! My sona is a Draconequus but he is able to change himself into a 'normal' Zebra! (The horns stays though, as his magic is channelled through there)

Artwork and design done by turnipberry
His name is Cacophony


Who's your sona? Do they have any backstory? What do they do and what do they look like! Please tell me more! :D

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My sona Aria is an alicorn that has great healing abilities. She does have a backstory and a few others that were written by my cousin. I will probably place those in a spoiler below since I don't want a huge wall of text taking over my post.:)


Here are some stories that were written for me about my ponysona by @chaosprincess .

Aria's Backstory

Born into royalty her mother a beautiful alicorn and her father a unicorn. She was born a beautiful unicorn, but she learned how cruel the world can be at such a young age.

Greed getting the better of one pony desperate for money she was snatched while her parents were patrolling their kingdom. Hearing the news her parents ordered all ponies to search, but it was to late she was gone.

Sold to any pony who would pay, she was sold rather fast forced to do work once she hit fillyhood. As she hit her teenage years she ran from her home not wanting to marry some-pony she did not love and not wanting the physical abuse that was placed upon her. But even with years of pain and sadness she still had a big heart and was always willing to give.

With no place to go she decided to roam helping those in need of it and making friends, But as her luck was looking up an unfortunate event occurred costing her, her life.

A dear friend of hers who she met on her travels would become victim to a unknown creature who only had death on its mind. Aria rushed to her aid vanquishing the creature, but also losing her life.

Her story would have ended there, but a hidden magic inside of her blossomed that day a light surrounding her bringing back the lifeless unicorn, but she was no longer a unicorn, but a beautiful alicorn.

Once she was released from the light she stood proud with her new wings proudly out a unicorn princess had passed, but a alicorn was born.

Aria's Cutie Mark Story

While she was being put to work she heard a scream. She ran as fast as she could towards the sound. As she neared it she noticed it was the stallion she now called her father. He was being attacked even though he was cruel she ran to his side, and fearlessly fought against the unknown beast winning. Now things for her did not change, but she now had a new cutie mark to admire.

How Aria Met The Stallion Of Her Dreams

Aria now a young teenage mare was doing her job of collecting fruits and vegetables to sell since it seems they were a big money maker. As she was in the process of collecting apples a young stallion came onto the property interested in purchasing some milk.

She looked at him not thinking to much on it since customers always came and gone some returning others leaving not to return. But she could not help, but to take a peek at the young stallion he was handsome and strong, but she knew she had to focus.

Once she was finally done with apple picking she happily lifted the bucket with her magic her thoughts going back to that stallion. As she was lost in thought she did not notice the squealing pig coming her way it collided with her only to quickly run off again.

The bucket was thrown landing on the stallions head as an apple came down onto her horn she walked over to apologize lifting the bucket with her magic even though there was an apple attached. They both found it amusing and found they had a lot in common they had an instant connection falling for each other the more they spoke.

But Aria never knew her parents had an arrange marriage set for her, her fate would have been sealed, but Aria never stayed long enough to meet her arranged husband instead she ran off in search of the one she truly loved.




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