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Even though she’s a pegasus, she might as well be an earth pony. She spends most of her time taking care of Granny Smith. She is fiercely loyal to her family, and has learned every recipe in Granny Smith’s recipe book.
She got her cutie mark because of her innate talent with Zap Apple season. She has even surpassed Granny Smith with her knowledge of the signs.
She is not very close to the pegasus side of her family, and prefers to keep her hooves on the ground. As such, she is closer to AJ than she is to Rainbow Dash.
i named her ambrosia because it is a type of apple, and known as “nectar of the gods” on my Olympus in the clouds.

Mossy Undergrowth specializes in anything on the forest floor!

backstory: Like the Crystal Empire, the Northern Kingdom was an ancient place. Because of the brutal storms the Northern Kingdom was abandoned and fell into ruin. Discovered on a mission from Princess Twilight, Aurora Wave fell in love with the forgotten kingdom, and became dedicated to renovating the ruins. Eventually, due to her efforts in restoring architecture and culture, as well as scientific breakthroughs on the history of the civilization and what caused the horrible storms all those years ago, she becomes Princess of the Northern Kingdom.

PinkieJack bby, Caramel Corn! Should I continue this series?

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