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Storm King's Army vs United States


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Let's say the worlds are connected in a way the both sides can use all their equipment, vehicles, and tools in wach others worlds. Who would win, the U.S. Military or the Storm King's Army? Let's try different scenarios.

1. Canterlot is overtaken by Storm King forces. The United States military is tasked with retaking the city. Can they do it? They are to shoot the Storm King on sight.

2. The U.S. military is tasked with invading the Storm King's land.

3. Navy Seals are tasked with going into the castle to take out the Storm King.

4. The Storm King invades United States mainland.

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1. The Storm King's army's only projectile weapons appear to be harpoon amd possibly lightning? That was only equipped to their airships. The US military has 2 decades of guerilla warfare experience under its belt, and they're being pitted against a highly discernable enemy. This is a walk in the park.

2. This is more difficult as we don't know what a potential civilian populous of the Storm Lands looks like and we don't have any clearer objectives. I would target all enemy aircraft which can easilly be brought down being such large and slow targets. Followed by any industrial areas of manufacturing. Blockade the area, observe and starve them of resources. Halt any enemy movements, secure a land holding and aquire new targets as necessary. That is if we don't carpet bomb everything.

3. Given the advancements we have in technology and tactics, this could go off without a hitch.

4. Unless the portal is within range, none of his forces are getting within 1,000 miles of the mainland, if not further of our defense net.

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If the US ever gets in trouble they just need to throw comically unreasonable amounts of money and they'll all be good



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18 hours ago, Lucid_Nightlight said:

 The Storm King invades United States mainland.

Let's begin with this one.

First, we know how efficient he was when invading Canterlot. No one stood a chance against his elite warrior. Yes that was a children's movie, and he wasn't even there when it happened.

Still, Equestria had a royal guard that should have acted as a military.

The U.S. military is built to protect the U.S., but are they bothered to even engage a fleet of goofs trying to invade such a large country, from just one small side of it. I don't think so. The police and FBI would have to do the hard job. Maybe if they saw the threat as it is, they would be successful. Similar to how no one saw Corona as a threat to the U.S. until a celebrity got it, it is all about timing, not fire power

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I watched a video once which determined that the way the world is today, if every nation on Earth were to declare war on the United States all of a sudden, they would all lose, even without out any nuclear weapons being used. I'm pretty sure the US could fend off the Storm King.

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Storm King with the power of 4 alicorns has the power of hundreds of armies as said by best edgy horse :sealed:......... but surely she meant armies with muzzleloaders for infantry personnel, and similarly mounted weapons matching their time in our history :pistachio:. Our modern weaponry is beyond godlike compared to those. Overkill towards Stormy doesn’t even begin to describe it :D. seriously, why people underestimate modern military anyway :scoots:?

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