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Favorite breakfast food?

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For me it would have to be waffles, Toaster Scrambles (a savory variation on Pillsbury's Toaster Strudel that has egg cheese and either bacon sausage or both) or fried eggs/omelettes. Oh and bacon. LOVE bacon.

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Here are my favorite breakfast foods...

  • Waffles (preferably Belgian)
  • Eggs (preferably made by my mother)
  • Sausage patties w/ maple syrup
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I'll take anything with eggs, with a special love for any kind of omelette. 

1 hour ago, cuteycindyhoney said:

I also tend to favor Swiss cheese and mushroom omelettes.

This looks yummy!


A part of me just died looking at this glorious thing! Now I can't wait for breakfast to get here. :fabulous:

Maybe I'll have a bit of microwave bacon while I'm waiting. It ain't fancy but it's a quick fix. 

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7 hours ago, SparklingSwirls said:

I like crepes the most! Sweet or savory or better yet, both :nom:. Waffles are good too.

I used to know a woman from Scotland. She used to always complain about people mixing sweet and savory.


(She wanted me to marry her son, but that's another story!)

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Waffles, crepes, bacon, eggs and pancakes.

That being said I normally only eat poptarts for breakfast unless I get something when I stop for coffee.

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Skillets!  (ingredients: hashbrowns, cheese, sausage, green peppers, over medium eggs, and sometimes add ketchup or cholula hot sauce)

Also french toast! 


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I typically have overnight oats for breakfast along with some coffee!  But my absolute favourite breakfast item has to be a breakfast bagel sandwich with some cheese!!!!  Waffles are pretty good too, but they're a rarer thing I make.

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