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Roleplay World How do I submit characters?

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So I was looking to submit a character here so I might be able to roleplay. It's a bit confusing here and the "RP" tab seems a bit... messy. Where would I submit a character to either of the roleplay sections?

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In mobile, I think create is just called +

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On 8/25/2020 at 11:17 AM, Luna Tones said:

 "RP" tab seems a bit... messy.

Yes. Yes it is.

It looks like you already got it because you added your character, but to give a super concrete answer, the Original Characters section is where you want to add any potential RP characters. Currently there is only one RP section, the other is used for organization. Generally, RPs are organized here and played out here

RP is currently in a transition period, it has been for a while. Any suggestions to help improve are legitimately read and taken seriously if you want to help improve it. We have a few core people but would like to build it.

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