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So, let me make sure I understand the gimmick, here.  The idea is to post some opinion that you don't believe, like the exact opposite of what you actually think?

Okay, lemmie give this a try...

I think humanity is super duper.  I think humans are smart, wise, rational, kind, gentle, logical, sweet, awesome, wonderful creatures, and I think we're doing a-ok.  We're going to stomp out covid, climate change, natural disasters, gun violence, poverty, cancer, economic inequality, all in short order.  We're going to elect the smartest, sharpest, most ethical people into public office.  The governments of the world are really looking out for us.  They've got our backs.  The world will come together as one.  We're fast on our way to building a Star Trek utopia.

Did I do it right?  :ticking:

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21 minutes ago, Will Guide said:

Really? Because I thought it was decent too

yes I have found another fellow who also like ROTS!

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51 minutes ago, TBD 🚬 said:

yes I have found another fellow who also like ROTS!

You know both Revenge of the Sith and Rise of Skywalker can I have the same initials of ROS. 

I suppose you can make an acronym like:

REVSTH for Revenge of the Sith 

and RSESKY for Rise of Skywalker

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I think that we need realtors.

Realtors provide a useful value-added commercial service in the modern economy. It is completely impossible for buyers, sellers, and real-estate lawyers to navigate the treacherous waters of land sales alone, and it would be extremely harmful to the general public if there was transparent information on building history available for free, stored on some kind of digital database.

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