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Bubble Tea's Pony Art Gallery


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Hi! I'm new to these forums but I'm not new to pony art, which I've been making since the g4 show released! I'll be posting a collection of my work here as I'd like to break into taking commissions through this website :coco:


This was a fully lined and shaded commission for vault111 on deviantart, the character belongs to them



Movie-styled version of my favorite pony, Cloudchaser


These two are a vector (top) and an illustration (bottom) of my oc and namesake, Bubble Tea! She has a dragon and a pony form



this last one is my take on a realistic mane 6 lineup! It's a little old now, so I might remake it in the future c:


anyways, I can make more posts later on with more art, I just didn't wanna spam the forum on my first topic. Along with illustrations and vectors, I also do sprites and animations!

hope everyone enjoys my art!

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