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Are You an Adventurous Eater?


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What would be the opposite term? Cowardly Consumer? That's basically what I am. Often I find that I am simply stuck in my ways, I have a tough time going out of my comfort zones in many ways, food included. I usually stick with what I know, rarely trying something else unless it is something in general that I know I will like anyways, like how I've been trying many different BBQ sauces lately. I doubt I will find one that I truly dislike so that is the closest to a food adventurer as I get.

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I'm mostly  in the boring camp regarding food. I'm really happy eating the same foods. Though sometimes I also try new food

consider me cautious eater

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So long as it's not poorly made I'll try anything anytime. Though I do regret trying two things, the first was Samyangs X2 spicy ramen and the other was a local hot sauce brand with flavor 100% pain. 


IF you're bold enough to try them have some milk, water and a buttload of snacks ready on stand by to help your mouth cook down.






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