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Request Cover art for my Equestria Girls/Harry Potter fusion fic?

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Hi, I'm looking for someone to do the cover art for my EQG/Harry Potter crossover The Elements of IIvermorny and the Hecate Witches. I'm intending this as the first in a series of fanfics which transfer the characters of MLP and Equestria Girls into the setting of Harry Potter (more specifically as students and faculty of IIvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry post-Second Wizarding War). As these fics are intended to be a throwback to the early Potter books (the pre-Goblet of Fire ones specifically) in reaction to the glut of tired formulas and plots of Potterfic (and MLP/HP crossovers in particular), I'm wanting this cover art to specifically invoke the feelings of whimsy and adventure those early books guaranteed. Whether they're based on the UK or US book covers doesn't matter - my only requests are for something involving the EQG versions of the Mane Six (dressed in IIvermorny uniforms of course) and Hydia, Reeka, and Draggle from G1 (the "Hecate Witches" of the title)

Please and thank you in advance,


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