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12 minutes ago, SpookyEmerald said:

Ok then!

Can you make a non-binary pony, @bubbleteapony? Or is that too complicated?

not complicated at all! any gender identity is welcome in this game, I'm happy to accommodate :BrightMacContent: (i'm agender myself, anyways cx )

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aaaand here's Scuba Blue! I really like the way he turned out  (also please ignore the extra lines on his tail, I forgot to delete them  )

Here they are! Ghost Hunter and Ghost  bases are by brenxdipity and holdytussigwpigeon respectively 

Here she is! I think she turned out super cute  I'm calling her Steam Whistle   Next round can start now! (base is by LanternOmega on da)

Don't make the mane and tail short. They can be medium, long, or very long, but not short or shorter.

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Oh, wow! That dragon pony looks so awesome! They're so rare to come by and it would be nice if I could see more of them.

I could request another dragon pony to get drawn now, but I'm not going to. I'll let someone else decide the type.

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All right, fine, I'll specify the type. I thought of a really awesome one. Demon pony. Actually, is that even a valid type?

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