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MLP Need For Speed Heat Car Designs

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Well years later...I'm back with more car designs and this time, it's on a whole new level. Hope you all like them!

Ford Mustang GT Agent Sweetie Drops Edition:

For this one, I used a color shift to get close to Sweetie Drops' fur color. I gave it that bulky look for heavy duty stuff as well. 

Nissan GTR Lyra Edition

For this one, I went a little more by adding three stripes to represent the strings of a lyre. Notice the heart shaped design on the sides. Can't have a GTR without a Liberty Walk widebody.

McLaren F1 Great and Powerful Trixie Edition

What do Trixie and the legendary McLaren F1 have in common? They both are Great and Powerful! I went all out with this one and even made it look like the car was wearing a cape just like Trixie. I also added the cutie marks on the rear sides of the bumper. 

Dodge Viper Angry Flamin' Nirik Edition

With a nasty sounding V10 engine, this Nirik of a Viper packs quite the bite! I wanted red headlights so bad but there weren't any...

Polestar 1 Tempest Shadow Edition

Open up your eyes everypony! Tempest Shadow has entered the street racing scene! For this one, notice the Storm King logos on the hood and the bumper. Those were actually preset symbols! For once the headlights match.

Mini Cooper Countryman JCW Princess Celestia Edition

Now this was special. With a forged carbon paint job and the signature metallic suns on the side, this one was quite fun to design. I know some are you are thinking: Why a Mini Cooper for Celestia?

And last but certainly not least...

BMW i8 Sci-Twi Edition

Now this one was a lot of fun. What better is there to give Sci-Twi one of the most highly technical cars of the game? Well, I swapped the engine out for a V8...but still, the overall look of the car just screams Sci-Twi. 


Anyway, that's all for now! Hope you all enjoy! Tell me which is your fave and why.

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