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Amidst the haz'd peaks so crowned

In glory of days pas't 'n gone

Veiled in Spectres of days old

Wreathed in tragic joys 'a gold

Harmony reins in grasps bygone

Seekers agait on hooves so bold.

~ Tail End, Harmony scribe.

Requiem is a world divided, the forces of Harmony and The Dominion locked in an eternal struggle to secure the Pyramid at the center of The City of Angels. Blood stains these derelict streets- of friend, of foe, and of those who only seek refuge from the clashing  waves of titans.

Will you side with Latóm and join her harmonic Cause, brining salvation to these forsaken souls? Or will you crush all hope of rebellion under the iron heel of Dominion reign, glutted on wine and luxury with a hoof on the backs of those too weak to stand?

Perhaps you will choose neighter sanctum nor supremacy, but instead meke out a life on the Outer Ring, far from it all as you till the barren land and drink the drunken sun.

Whatever your cause, whatever your creed, you can find the next step here. 

So come, join me in this growing world, and make of it what you will ~

 What we have:

• A new but growing world: still in its beta phases (as of 11/21/2020), the world is largely barren but full of potential. The intention is to gather up enough players to establish some sort of baseline- from there, everything else should fall into place.

• Detailed lore and settings: The Dominion and Harmony ar just the tip of the iceberg. Other factions will come and go as the story unfolds and players develop the world around them as they see fit. This is a world of your making as much as mine, and we expect you to create unhindered. Wanna build a cottage in the dead woods? Go right ahead. Wanna start an ambitious construction project in The Dominion? I'm sure we can work something out.

• Competent staffing: Now I'm not insulting anybody out there, I know some people put a lot of time and effort into their creations, but some places... Well, they could use a more articulate hand. This place runs off the hard work of my (actually rather limited) staffing, although leading positions are always open and encouraged.

• Literacy: I'm not talking just length, but proper grammar and punctuation, too. I'm not sure if I'm going to setup a literacy check as a gateway yet, but expect talented writing if things go right.



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