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$750 Stretch Goal - Pie In The Face

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Four years ago @PiratePony brought forth a new stretch goal idea that became a tradition. Good idea is good. The original thread is here. Quite a few of us over the years have done this with some amusing videos .... @Randimaxis always seems to ratchet up the strange and unusual. 







Volunteer List




@Lord Valtasar


@Festive Booker





Completed Challenge





THIS IS NOT LIMITED TO DONORS AND STAFF. If you are a member and wish to be a part of this, please let us know here or privately and we will put your name on the list that will be in this post. Please don't do this lightly. I would love to see how far we get through this, and long delays can mess things up. :D


  • Vote for the first victim volunteer when we have enough volunteers to start.  
  • Once picked the person will record themselves getting pied 
  • They will post it in this topic 
  • The video will contain them challenging the next person (please mention them in the topic)
  • That person will then do the same. 
  • Repeat until the list is exhausted or until Jan 15th. 


Please try and make a brief mention regarding the charity and the Hospital. Have fun. And be creative! 

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I'm in. I don't think my husband will be joining me this year, though.

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Okay we have enough to start. In the past we voted for who starts us off. This year I am just going to randomize the first person to start us off to save some time. Remember you can continue to add your name here as we do this, so don't be shy. 


Will post the first victim this afternoon. :raritypleadhat:


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By virtue of random selection @Lord Valtasar will be the first to start us off with face pie shenanigans! 

Remember to record and at the end of your dessert name the next one on the list! 

On 12/18/2020 at 11:08 AM, Jeric said:

Will post the first victim this afternoon.

Past self .... stop doing that to future Jeric pls! 

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Alright, I'll go in again.

Haven't been able to donate yet cuz my C/C is all screwed up right now.

Word of caution, from experience. Do NOT take a pie out of the fridge and use it immediately. Let it thaw first.

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