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Things you’re currently/recently obsessed with

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11 hours ago, Fluttershutter said:

I think I'm just getting old and tired and jaded. Nothing really thrills me currently. Everything just seems remade and rehashed endlessly. :dry:

There must be something that I can be passionate about but I need to find it.

Well actually-

Dark Crystal Age of Resistance was one of my favorite things lately. Cancelled. :(

The Orville was another. On hold for who knows how long. :dry:

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I have been obsessed with Nickelodeon for the past 8 years. I have been watching it every day since then. I am still obsessed with it. I am also currently obsessed with My Little Pony, as I am spending a lot of time on these forums and my Twitter and Google accounts feature My Little Pony content on the profile/header photos. 

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Japanese language, culture, movies and travel. It started about two years ago but now it’s raging out of control, especially now that I can’t travel there. Nothing like forbidden fruit.

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Currently obsessed with replaying Skyrim yet again.  I kinda want to start writing fanfic for my OCs in that universe too, I've actually been writing a fanfic about Fallout 4 and if more people survived Vault 111(like, everyone in the same cryogenic room where we start the game lives) but that's been on hold because SKYRIM!!!!

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