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movies/tv It's gonna sound dumb but....have any of youse seem Die Hard?


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Yeah, as it said above, have you of seen Die Hard? :lie: 

I actually enjoy seeing that movie and I think I even still have a DVD of it. 

It's a great classic movie, I must say. :toldya:


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One of the best action movies ever. I really liked the second and third ones as well. Never seen the two newer ones(though I hear the fifth one is kinda ass)

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I really like Die Hard and especially Die Hard 2. That’s some good ol’ fashioned action from when they knew how to make it. They stopped knowing how to make it as of Die Hard 3 and didn’t get their footing again till Live Free Or Die Hard, which I liked a lot too. I consider Die Hard 2 to be one of the best R-rated action films ever, right up there with Rambo 3.

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