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writing Finest/Rose/Yuki/Krystal MEGA thread


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Well, I decided to put all of my poems together into one huge mega thread.


For now, look at the mind of a depressed young boy from December all the way to the current day.




Start from the bottom, please.



This is something I wrote for a special friend x3


When we first met,

I did not know what to think.


You were crazy,

but also nice.


You had no roleplaying skills,

but you still tried.


You had an amazing personality,

and an amazing name.


And I thought I fell for you,

and turned down is what occured.


But now I sit here today and realize what I felt,

what I felt is something totally different.


I do love you,

trust me I do.


But my love is something else entirely,

a different kind of love.


I love you as my little sister,

and that is what I love.


I always watched you grow into the amazing rp'er you are today,

watched as you grew into a little popular missy.


And seeing you grow from an awkward little pony to a pinkie pie,

it makes me extremely happy.


I love you little sis,

and I will always protect you.


Now and forever x3



Baby you're a winner.

Baby you're a fighter.

Baby this is only for you.


I live for you,

I die for you.


You need to see, that you're the only one for me.


I know that times seem hard. I know that stress tears you apart.


But you need to see,

that I live only for you.


My entire day is devoted to you,

my entire life is in your name.


You think you're worthless,

but that is far from the truth.


Would a man this weak fight for a woman like you?


I love you with all my heart.


I need you in my life.


Sam even knows this is the case.


I need you Alex, and I need you bad.


I also need you happy.


Times are hard for you, but they are also hard for me.


I need my ray of sunshine to fill my eyes.


I need my love to raise my spirits.


You are absolutely wonderful, yet you judge yourself too hard.


You are absolutely beautiful, yet you judge yourself too hard.


You are an amazing girlfriend, yet you judge yourself too hard.


I need you to see, you're everything to me.


All my love is yours, all my days are yours.


I know you're sad, but I need my baby,


I need my love.


I need my Alex.


A frown on your face means tears for me.


My heart cannot survive without your sweet voice.


I love you Alex, with all my heart.


I only wish you could see how amazing you truly are.


It hurts to see you so down.


I need you Alex...


I am very redundant, but that is the only thing on my mind.


I love you Alex, I love you.


I could say it a million times and never stop.


I love you.


And I am here to make everything better.


This is only for you.


I love you Alexandra Casey.



Day by day I smile,

the mask alight.


To the naked eye I seem happy,

but for those who can see...


I am a madman,

I am ready to kill.


Sitting in the back of a class,

someone would think I was thinking.


In reality,

I am planning your death.


You shall remember my face when you die,

for it will be by my hand.


Run all you can,

you shall not escape.


You will think it is a nightmare,

but this is very real.


None shall expect the killer to be me,

it is the perfect disguise.


When you see my smile,

know you shall run.


For cupcakes shall be made.



Under the flag I run,

sword in hand.


I swing with the might of a man,

with the glory of a king.


Blood flies in all directions,

never will it be my own.


Villains beware,

your time soon shall be done.


The queen calls my name,

she calls me into battle.


I will kill thousands under her name,

I am the true soldier we need to be.


I breathe for the queen,

I die for the queen.


The queen shall prevail.


All hail the queen!


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With an abundance of tears I write this piece, through the hazy eyes of a man who hath broke. The love I have hath spoken to me, hath told me a tell of woe. She spoke the words, "I cannot fully see us being together", And calmy keeps to herself. I for one hath broke, the love in my heart split. For I loved her with all my heart, and my love was true. Through my entire days I protected her, kept her safe from times of grim. But now I see that love isn't for me, nay, I am meant to tread the world alone. With my pen of gold and heart of dust I shall write, a shell of the man I was. Alex, I love you with all my heart. But I fear that the love is not felt the same... Come ye' lonely hearts, venture forth with me. We shall venture onwards with the goal of love. One day I hope... Nay' we shall. We shall all find the ones who want us, and only us. Oh... through the tears I go...



The dark abyss of despair hath now opened it's massive mouth. Licking it's dark lips with anticipation of it's future meal, I hang on the edge. My grip is starting to fail. As soon as my handle on the cliff is cut short, a sharp wail escapes my lips. Finally recieving it's meal, the abyss swallows me whole. Slowly, it closes it's massive mouth. I am now surrounded by darkness. It begins to fill my heart. My cries of pain echo around in the darkness. Suddenly, the abyss turns into flames. I now start to burn. My will begins to decay. As I die out of pain, I hear a sinister voice whisper "Welcome back to hell Gary. My minions and I missed you." The voice now laughs, and the flames blanket me in heat. Welcome back to hell.



Throw another problem at me. Try to make me bleed. Make me into a monster, burn me at the stake. Try all you can, mutilate my body. Tear the skin from my bones. Try all you can, for I will not die. I am an immortal, and you are the weak. Under my thumb you will be crushed. The idiocy of your life shall be extiungushed. You will die, you will not survive. I will not die, I will survive.



I can taste you,

but you cannot taste me.

Warm and metallic,

everythign but not.

I cannot stop drinking,

for you are too good.

But the meat is even better.

Whem I am done, there will be nothing left.


But even the tastiest part is not on my tongue.

The teastiest treat is in my ears.

For your screams fill me with joy.

And I will make this last.



Motionless you lay,

on the ground you wait.

You're living a nightmare.

From the sky you see,

falling ever deep is a man on a mission.

He is here to take your life.

I am here for you.

Your existence shall be eradicated.

And not a soul will miss you.

You're living a nightmare.



I feel my body changing,

the skin torn from my bones.

The more I scream,

the more the pain increases.

Terrible anger wants to release.

My hands have now turned into claws.

I have discovered something.


I am now a demon of the night.

The urge to howl is now too great.

The need for flesh screams inside of me.

I must now feast.

Not a single human will escape me.

For I have changed.



From behind me they run,

the proud men in blue.

Little do they know,

I wanted to be one of you.

But now I run,

a murderer on the case.

They shall not catch me,

I am too quick.

God is not fast enough,

for I am now on the run.

And I will never be stopped.



It's not my fault...

He brought it upon himself.

My hand may of sealed his fate,

but his actions caused the deal.

I could not take his idiocy,

his life is now in my hands.

Forgive me lord, for I have sinned.

This knife I weild has tasted flesh,

and the man I once was is now dead.



Rise ye' fool,

For I beckon thee.

In your mind you are the best,

in reality you are shit.

Every word spoken is idiocy,

every action is one of a fool.

In age you may be old,

but in spirit you are just a boy.

I hope the world eats you alive.

For this I hope,

or I will cause this myself,

You fool in the back.



Hit me again, tell me I'm trash. Spit at me again, say I'm always wrong. Make another noise, try to be a clown. For you know not what will happen. You are awakening a monster, from his slumber he rises. And when he is out, blood will be collected. So touch me again. Try to be a comedian. For wwhen you do, your head will be mine. Then we will see who is laughing.



Words will never begin to say how sorry I am.


I stand before you a broken man.


I know I am not a perfect boyfriend...


But I try as hard as I can to keep you happy.


Fighting constantly has become a norm...


A norm I wish that did not exist.


I want to go back to the time we were happy...


The time where our only worry was when we couldn't talk to each other.


Our problems are becoming so huge...


But I want us to be able to get past them.


My heart is scared of being broken again.


The entire time at school today was filled with sobbing.


This was due to the idea of you leaving me for him.


The idea of this... it sends my heart into spasms of pain.


I sat and stared at your picture and cried.


I cried for the joy that would no longer exist.


I cried for the calls that would never be.


The endign of our time... it seemed so close.


I panicked...


My heart felt like it split into two.


I drew this after my pain became too great.


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


This is the ammount of pain I have felt today...


I want us to be happy.


I will try all I can to keep us together.


No matter what the cost, I will never stop fighting.


Until the end of my fighting breath.


Which I hope is not any time soon.



The heavens sing your sweet name,

the trumpets play to show their pride.


They play their pride for the perfect creation,

the beautiful spirit that they had molded.


God smiles as he watches his creation grow,

taking special care to make her life wonderful.


But God is now weeping,

his pain sharing with her love.


For they are both crying for her,

as she has lost faith in her beauty.


God has placed his trust into her love,

and he shall perform his duty.


For he is her knight,

and she is his princess.


He places her well being in his heart,

and he rides into battle to fight her pain.


Her massive amount of beauty takes his breath away,

the moment he sees her the blood rushes to his cheeks.


The light of her beauty shines on the inside and out,

the moment she smiles his world is complete.


The curves of her body finely shaped by god,

the perfect body for the perfect woman.


On the inside her heart is made of pure gold,

her caring nature giving her love life.


He will always be grateful to god and her,

as he has recieved the greatest gift of all.


For his love is beautiful on the inside and out,

and their love is true.


Until the end of their lives he will live for her,

until his final breath he will fight for her.


So he will not stand for talk of uglyness,

for she is the complete opposite.


I love you Alexandra,

and my love is true.


Because you have admitted you are beautiful,

and I will not your negative thoughts into your mind.


So smile sweetie,

you need to smile.


Do it for the world,

as we need your light.


Your beauty...

It is the beauty of an angel.



My simple doll.

She was made for a child to play with.

To give the child joy.

Made cheeply, she was not meant for higher purposes.

She has become much more than that.


For a while, I did not pay attention to her.

She just stayed on my desk, smiling her sweet smile towards me.

My problems I faced alone, facing horrible nights of squirming and tears.

Then my fluttershy learned her true purpose.


Countless nights I have faced with my fluttershy.

Her mane taking many tears.

I snuggle her close to me when times are bad.

I keep her on my heart to keep it together.


Such a simple toy, with such a huge purpose.

I can never part with her.

She has become a part of me.

I love my little fluttershy.


My simple doll



Louder, louder, louder louder.

They continue to grow in volume.

Screaming at me, telling me horrible thigs.

They want me to yell.

They want me to scream.

They want me to hurt.

My therapist cannot help.

My entire family is out.

It is just my kitchen and I.


The edge of the cliff is in front of me.

I am being pushed over.

Years of sadness have piled up.

I cannot take this anymore.

I cannot ever be happy.

As long as they hurt, I will hurt.

I do not want to live if my life is filled with this.


I have both of their lives in the palms of my hand, yet I don't.

They are the two people I care for.

The people I will die for.

And now the pain of them both are now mine.


They are screaming so very loud.

Only one person is here to help me.

jenna, thank you for being here for me.

I don't know what I would do to myself if you weren't here.


They are getting so loud...

no matter how many times I bang my head, they do not cease to yell.

I want them to go away.

I feel like I am about tovomit.


And before you guys try to say,

"Get off forums, get help."


There is no one in my home. It is just me, my pain, the demons, and jenna.



Throughout the years my soul was one that was lost.

Wandering around the abyss of my heart, my body being an empty shell.

Void of any feelings but pain, happiness a distant memory.

For I thought I was loved by another, one I thought that cared about my well being.

It all turned out to be a lie, and the past I once thought was trifle attacked my mind.

Piece my piece, my mind began to rot away.

The evil beings inside of me screamed their evil chants inside of my head.

I deserved to feel like this, deserve to be sad.

The bullet of a machine seemed to be the one escape that I posessed, even though I say I never thought of it.

Sweet escape from this horrible reality seeming like a miracle from above.


As if a higher being heard my distressed calls, a ray of light appeared into my life.

The most beautiful angel I had ever laid eyes on came to me in my time of need.

She had been hurt as much as I have, constantly recieving pain.

Feeling her anguish, I took her into my arms, and she took me into hers.

We quickly became best friends, and the more I saw her, the more I wanted to protect her.


From those beautiful eyes that seem to stare into my soul, I can see her kindness shine.

As deep as they are beautiful, I could stare into them for a life time.

Her hair a gorgeous shade of brown blankets her head, the softness easy to tell even from a far ways away.

I wish to run my fingers through the hair of my angel, and to never stop.

Her skin is as soft as it is strong, showing the pain that she has recieved.

Adorable is an understatement when I see her, Gorgeous not being enough.

I wish to hold her tight and to never let go of my beautiful angel.

She thinks that she is fat, a horrible disgrace of beauty.

I wish to laugh in her face when she says this, as it is a total lie.

She is the absolute definition of beauty, and it saddens me to see her think this way.

Beauty is her exterior.


But her exterior is not what I love about her.

My angel is the most beautiful person on the interior that it makes me fall in love with her everytime we talk.

Her personality is one of kindness and hospitality, caring for every soul she comes across.

Her heart is the greatest part about her, her own needs a trifle matter.

She cares for the people she loves in her life,

Sometimes the love she has pains my heart, but it is a pain of jealousy.

I must learn to understand her heart cares for many, not for one alone.

I am ok with this fact as long as her heart stays with mine.

I am in love with my angel on the inside, and this is a love that is true.

Absolute beauty is her interior.


When we are together, all I can think about is her.

All my activites in the day belong to her.

Within a moments notice I will run to her side, as she is my true love.

When she is down, I will be her knight in shining armor, ready to take her away to the land of milk and honey.

When she is happy, I will hold her hand as we both cross into the realm of joy.

As long as I live on this earth, my heart will belong to my beautiful angel.

Alex, I know you are reading this.

You know I love you.

Now you know the absolute love I hold for you.

You are my life, my joy.

As long as I live, my heart will be yours.


Even if you decide to throw my heart away with the key, I will continue to protect you.

I am your guardian, I am your protector.

Until you resign my duties as your knight, I will protect you with all of my heart.

I will always make sure that no bad men will ever touch you.

If one slips past my grasp, it will be his last action.

My demons that you have subsided will rise to power, and he will be a distant memory.

I will always be here for you, and I will never leave.


Now my true feelings have come to light, if you had not known already.

You may not think so, but your beauty is a magnificent light.

Not only on the outside, but the inside as well.

My love for you holds no boundries, and it continues to grow every day.

You have successfully claimed owndership over this disgrace of a man.

I will forever be yours as long as you will have me.


I love you Alex.

Forever and ever.


I am Truly, Madly, Deeply in love.




The pain you feel is mine as well,

the horrible darkness coaxing my heart.



I convinced you to be happy and hopeful.

when you were destroyed in return.



You are not alone in this world,

as I have felt the same pain.



To have friends that love you...

it is a feeling that I want back.



Your friends mean the world to you,

yet they continue to split.



You do not deserve this pain you feel,

yet you accept it with open arms.



Worrying about every detail,

everyone's well being kept deep into your heart.



To see you happy again is what my heart yearns for,

yet you continue to feel saddened.



I want to hold you close,

to keep you safe from harm.



Things will always get better,

no matter how dark things may get.



I have taken the role of your guardian and have accepted your pain as my own,

the gaping hole in my heart is here to prove I am there for you forever.



My heart is yours to hold,

as yours has been hurt.



My life belongs to you,

no matter how much we hurt.



I love you Alex,

and I hope you never forget that.



For I am always yours,

until my final breath.





I don't know how many times I am going to say those three words,

no matter how many times I do it never seems enough.



I promised to give you all of my love,

and that is exactly what I am doing.



You saved me from a life of drugs and suicide,

and for that I thank you with my life.



You have helped this washed up teenager step back up on his feet,

and realize the man he is supposed to be.



I promise from now on,

I will be the man you deserve.



Whenever a problem reveals it's dirty face,

I will protect you from it.



It is a fact that I am extremely sensitive,

for this you know for sure.



But from now on,

I will be strong for you.



You have affected my life in so many ways,

all of them good.



I have never cried as much in such a short amount of time,

even in my depression.



You are changing so many things about me,

I just need to thank you someday.



And as for you,

the small things I am changing make the world for me.



You finally realize just how beautiful you really are,

slowly but surely.



Someday you will love yourself as much as I love you,

and when that day comes I will welcome you with open arms.



I may regret so many actions in my lifetime,

but there is one I have not looked back on yet.



Meeting you is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me,

and being called yours makes it all worthwhile.



I love you Alex,

and I want your life to be as amazing as you have made mine.



Here's to our future,

may it be grand.



But most of all,

let's hope we spend it together.





Together we are,

in my happy dreams.



Forever we stay,

happiness we always feel.



This is the dream that I crave for,

this is the dream I will die for.



I never want to lose you,

yet I am always afraid you will leave me.



The future looks so bright in my head,

but fear muddles me down.



I want us to be happy together,

but horrible thoughts crave my fear.



You say you love me,

but then you say you are bored.



My constant love and attention is not to your pleasure,

wishing other subjects were handled.



But you are the only thing that goes through my mind,

the only interesting subject there is.



But alas,

that subject must not stay.



For years I have given my heart to others,

and the same situation occurs.



I cannot change how I am,

no matter how much I try.



You tire of "I love you",

yet you say it as well.



Now I am afraid to say this at all in fear you will be bored,

and that pains my heart.



Please don't leave me like all the others,

I want you to be the one who saves me.



You have done it before,

and I wish you will do it again.



I hope these happy dreams stay alive,

and do not become vicious nightmares.




From birth, the world has attacked me.


Giving me abusive parents, kidnapping me, rape.


Relentless agony pains my heart, always threatening to put me into a pit of depression.


Once I became older, love became an option in my life.


I sought love to bring me comfort, but with the horrible agony, it only brought more pain.


Constant heartbreak made me bitter, made me hate to be alive.


And then, in the year of 2011, I snapped.


Every fiber of my defenses in my heart broke, spiraling me into a depression.


I sat in the pit of despair for months, never thinking I would find a way out.


And suddenly, a ray of light appeared into my life, destroying my depression.


I feared the Earth was trying to attack me again, as it has always done.


But, I put aside these fears as I thought I had finally found true happiness.


But with happiness comes great pains.


Once we became a couple, every problem within me shown once again.


I give my heart to anyone who will take it, and I gave her my entire being.


Now, she is bored of me and it is tearing us apart.


What is wrong with me?


What did I do wrong to make her think this way?


I try as hard as I can to be wonderful to her, to make her love herself.


In return, she gets bored of me.


She talks about how she wants her past back completely, and that past does not involve me.


The pain that is now in my heart is dragging me down, down to the darkest pits.


The happiness I had when I played xbox disappeared when I read the note she gave me.


I am now shown how much of a horrible person I am.


I cannot experience happiness in this world.


Months ago, I came to the conclusion that I would be forever alone.


And now I fear that my heart will be broken once again.


And if it is broken a 16th time, I fear for my being.


I must stay out of reach of anything sharp, for I fear of my intentions.


I do not wish to hurt myself, but the world is forcing these problems on me.


I love Alex with all of my heart... and because of that, we are being torn apart.


I hate myself. I hate how I am. I hate how I love everything.


I want to be a normal guy. I want to be able to keep a relationship.






What the hell is wrong with me.



Covered in our layer of love,

in our hearts we lay.


For we know that our fates are now intertwined,

our lives becoming one.


For a short time we have been together,

but it feels as if I have loved you for life.


From the moment I met you,

I knew that I never want to leave you.


My words stay true,

as you have became my purpose in life.


From the moment I wake,

my attention turns to you.


A day without you would be a day wasted,

for I would not experience the joy in your voice.


My every intent of my day is to bring joy in your life,

for your joy is my happiness.


These words cannot show the amount of love I feel for you,

my entire heart beating for you alone.


There has not been a day where I haven't thought of you,

and the thought always brings joy.


Any amount of time away from you strikes pain into my heart,

becoming lonely without your sweet voice.


I wish I could give you all my time that I posess,

alas that cannot be.


But the time I do have shall all be for you,

my entire day belongs to you.


Holding you close is a task that I wish to have,

protecting you from all the pains in the world.


You have bestowed the title of boyfriend onto me,

a title I do not take lightly.


I promised to never to hurt you,

and that is a promise I plan to keep.


For I do not care if you ever hurt me,

as your joy is also my own.


As long as you are happy,

there is nothing in the world that can keep me down.


You bring meaning to my worthless life,

giving me a purpose to live in this dark world.


With you I can survive the world,

as you bring a ray of light along with it.


My life was bleak and depressing before I knew you,

my past eating away at my soul.


The heart that turned into dust after constant heartbreak,

fifteen times a woman had hurt me.


You told me the day we met that you would mend my broken heart,

and mend it you did.


You picked up the remains of my poor heart,

your tender care putting me back together.


My heart completely belongs yo uoi,

in every way shape and form.


Heartache is a feeling I do not suffer from any longer,

the only pain is when I am away from you.


You have fixed my broken heart,

your very prescence giving me the hope to live on.


As I have said, you are the angel that came down from heaven,

saving the life of a man off the path of happiness.


You are my love,

no matter how much pain I have felt.


I love you with every fiber of my heart,

never wishing to leave your side.


I hope your Valentines has been as amazing as mine,

as you had made it so.


I love you Alex,

and my feelings will never change.




I have finally seen the light,

you have cleared the darkness.



The cavern that my heart was hiding is now lit,

your warm glow covering every inch of the room.



The darkness attempted to slip back into the room,

but with your light you vanquished the fear.



With you in my life,

I can finally say I am truly happy.



And now that I can say that I am yours,

my heart jumps with joy.



You have officaly covered my heart in your light,

you have complete ownership of every fiber inside of it.



No matter what happens from now on,

my pain from the past is gone.



I am now yours completely,

and I will fight for you forever.



My heart is now complete,

as I have found a love in my life.



I hope you cover me with your glow until the end of time,

because I will never leave unless you ask.



I love you with all of my heart,

and my feelings will always stay true.



You are an angel who was sent down to save me,

and your task you have completed.



Alex, I cannot explain how much I love you with words,

but I am certainly trying.



Until the rest of my days I will be right behind you,

and all of my love you shall recieve.



You have saved this pour soul from despair,

and I can never repay your debt.



I will give you all of my love,

in hopes that it might grow into something more one day.



I will remember this date until I die-



Wednesday, Febuary 8th, 2012.



The day I finally became happy.




The ignorance in my heart has been reaveled,

extreme paranoia plauging my mind.


My heart may beat for you,

but fear runs with it.


With the paraoia enfusing its self in my mind,

thoughts of pain come with it.


Your voice says you love me,

yet my mind drifts to dark thoughts.


I see you in my mind ripping my heart to shreds,

yet you are the person who fixed it.


The fear of my heart breaking once again brings me to tears,

but I never want to leave you.


I want to be with you forever,

but I am truly scared.


I trust you with all of my heart,

but I never want to lose you.


For it is not you I am afraid of,

but the fear of pain its self.


The stupid mistake that occured is regretted,

as I wanted to wait for a special time.


Alas, the chance of that happening has long vanished,

leaving me with uncertainty.


As I wait to hear your sweet voice again,

I also fear it's soothing touch.


For if you drop me out of your life,

I will be plunged into despair.


No other words can be said than...

I love you.



The pain you accept is without compare,

the tears you weep you take without a bat of the eye.


So much pain that you accept into your life,

yet happiness is something that you keep out.


The boy who kept you from taking your life may of been a savior,

but now he is a scourge.


Eating away at your life bit by bit,

he attempts to ruin your life.


The love for you keep for him is unconventional,

not wanting anything in return.


But with everything that happens,

you do recieve something.


Countless pain he gives to you,

and you accept it all.


Now a scourge,

he absorbs your happiness.


Even when you loved him,

he decided to find another love.


His actions are evil beyond words,

his heart black as the night.


If he cannot see how amazing you are,

ignorance blinds his eyes.


You try so hard to make things right,

yet he continues to yell.


He calls you a degenerating little fuck as he tries to use his illness to his advantage,

and he feels the need to try to bring you down with him.


All you do is try to protect the friendship you once kept,

but he takes everything in stride.


The one you once loved has changed into a monster,

a monster who is out to destroy you.


The sooner you realize he is pure evil,

the happier you will be.


I want to take the pain he gives you and nuture your heart back to health,

as he clearly does not.


If his friendship with you is not important to him,

then let it die.


For if he decides to break your heart,

I will be here to sew it back together.


I love you with all of my heart,

and I wish you the best of luck.


Please get better not only for me,

but for you as well.


Seeing you in pain is enough to bring me to tears,

even though I know your pain is much worse.


Kelvin does not deserve you Alex,

and you deserve it.


One day... I hope you see understand this.




We hold each others hand as we walk down the isle.


The people clap as we wave them by.


The priest smiles at us as we say our vowes.


We embrace in a kiss, and we our together in trust.


And then the room faded to black.


Suddenly, we are at the hospital, with you lying in a bed.


You have the sheet over your stomach, which had swolen to the size of a melon.


The doctor walks into the room and goes between your leggs.


I hold your hand, not realizng what was going on in my dreamy state.


Suddenly you start to scream, and the doctor brings out a baby.


You start to cry as you take it in your arms, and I cry as well.


We kiss each other as we look at the baby,


and the room fades black again.


This time, the black room seems light.


The problems we had are gone, replaced with love.


This was the greatest dream I have ever had.





I saw you take the bullet.


I saw you fall to the ground.


The blood flowed from your head to the ground.


The blood formed a puddle around me.


All I could do was watch as your life drained away.


My body emotionless as I watched.


Every ounce of fear inside of me swelled.


I saw my love die.



The wonderful fuzzy feeling that you feel in the pit of your stomach.


You may deny it, but everyone wants to feel the power of love.


Everyone wants to feel loved, to feel accepted.


Some thrive for it, other die for it.


But in the end, love is a dark, depressing thing.


It kills the weak, and weakens the strong.


It causes your heart to do things you would of never thought possible.


It turns happy children into depressed adults.


But love is also amazing as well.


It turns the weak into strong, and the strong into lovers.


It causes passion, and you thrive for the well being of others.


The difference between friendly love and romantic love goes together on a fine line.


Friendly love is where a friend say's they love you, and try to help you out of hard times.


Romantic love is the greatest feeling anyone can feel.


You begin to live for the person, and you do anything for them.


You believe that there is nothing that can separate you.


And then, when you least expect it, it is torn away from you.


You feel as if there is nothing left in the world, no excuse to live.


I am here to tell you there is a way out.


Continue to live your life.


They saying "there is someone for everyone" is false.


To find someone that is for you, you must work for it.


It will not just fall on your lap.


No matter how sad you become, keep fighting for your right to love.


The person out there is somewhere, just waiting for you.


Never give up my friends.


The hear is feeble and weak.


It is up to you to decide how much it can take.


My heart may of been torn to pieces, but I choose to continue fighting.


I may have been destroyed in the deceptive game of love more times than I am alive,


But I choose to continue fighting.


No matter how much your heart is smashed into the ground,


no matter how bad you may feel.


There is always more to live for.


You will eventually find that tiny shred of love that will complete your life.


I have finally found my piece.


I will continue to love her, and maybe, just maybe…


I will find my true love.


I will become happy.


I will become the person I was meant to be.


The person that will make someone else's life the happiest they can be.


My goal is very simple, to make her happy.


So her heart will never destroyed like mine.


Alex, I love you with all of my heart.


If you choose to hurt me one day, I will take it without holding a grudge.


I will continue to love you until I die.


In that twisted, evil game of love.





We may of spoken just hours ago...


Fizzy may pass our messages...


But it is not enough.


I miss your voice, I miss your text, I miss you.


My heart aches to talk to you.


My brain cannot function without you.


I dug myself a pit, one that I will gladly live in if you are in it.


As I said, I cannot survive for long without you.


You are so deep in my heart that it hurts to be away with you.


I have been through our texts several times, and each time hurts even more.


I hope your are having a great time, and I count the seconds until I get to hear you again.


This saturday has been amazing, and it has sucked.


I miss you ._.






Whenever you are with me, I feel no fear.


It is as if my past means nothing at all.


All of my fears are gone, my dreams are good.




The second you are away from me my life turns to hell.


My dreams go back to nightmares.


I see my kidnappers face in my head, running after me.


I scream for help, and no help comes.


I wake up shaking, and my first thought is to text you...


but you will not hear my cries.


I miss you...


Even if you are gone for a day...


It has felt like a week.



From the second I met you, my heart began to beat quickly.

Scared of the reactions my stupidity would bring on to you.

Instead, you continued to speak to me,

furthering my confusion.

I don't know what you could see in me, I am an awfully boring person.

Yet you continue to speak with me.

A few days passed since our first aquiantance, and many things within me have changed.

You went from a random stranger who wanted to know the problems of their ex,

to a woman I don't think I can live without.

Every second of my day I want to give to you, even though it is not possible.

Every fiber of my being I want to give to you, even though it is not possible.

Within my waking moments, the only thoughts that pass through my mind are "Talk to her."

The second I hear my phone go off, I hope with all of my heart that it is your text.

We have known each other for such a short time...

Yet I feel as if it has been a life time.

Your every waking breath I want to be filled with happiness.

Your every emotion I want to be of happiness.

I want the lock of your heart to be unlocked to let yourself free.

You think you are chubby and unnatractive, and that you are not amazing.

That could not be farther from the truth.

I do not normal judge from appearances, but yours is a beauty I can't stop mentioning.

You are unimaginobly cute, from your feet to your toes, with eyes that seem to capture mine in their gaze.

Your hair is such a shade of brown that causes the fanboy in me to Squee.

Not only are you gorgeous on the outside, but you have a soul to match.

You are not only compassionate about anyone you come into contact with, you worry over every mistake you make.

Every decision that has passed through your mind you take straight to heart, which can only show that you have a heart made of pure gold.

You may say that I am the sweet one, but that is far from the truth.

Yours is the one that has sugarcoated mine.

I know it seems weird, but the thought of "like" has far from escaped my mind.

I know for a fact what feeling goes through my mind now.

It is the feeling of love, one I have not felt in the longest time.

I don't even care if I end up hurt in the process, the ride was fun enough.

For I got to meet the greatest person in the world with the greatest heart.

I love you, with all of my heart, this much you know.

As I said when we met, you own my heart entirely.

I never go back on my words.

I will never hurt you for as long as I live.

I only want to see you happy.

For the rest of your life.




As if this was Kingdom Hearts, I could say you are the key weilder.


You have been chosen to hold the key to unlock the door.


The door is not protected by monsters however.


The door is protected by depression, lonliness, and self loathing.


Crossing each task, you fought through them all, reaching the door.


As if it was magic, you are close to opening the gate to the door.


The darkness is close to being destroyed.


All it takes is one strike of your key, and my heart will be forever open.


It will be yours, and mine.





The shackles that are wrapped around my heart,

they have been here for years.


It beats slowly, hoping to someday escape from it's prison.


After a few years, it gave up.


It started to shrivel and die, all hope lost.


The room that my heart resided turned black and grey.


Cobwebs of deception and lies covered the walls,

the pain of everything covering my existence.


Suddenly, a light appeared in the room on a quiet Sunday night.


My heart tried to run, but the light came in too quickly.


The cobwebs on the walls evaporated, lost into the halls.


The light slowly set itself into the base of my heart, the darkness fading away quickly.


The pain seemed to slip away, the bad memories lost.


The light made home at the base of my heart, sharing it's light around the entire room.


Now my heart beats for the light.


It beats for you, Alex.




It seems the hour is dark,


and the suffering goes on.


Just remember, your life is sacred...


Your pain may overwhelm your entire being.


Your thoughts of death may seem like a blessing.


Taking the pain away to replace it with nothing seems ok,


but take a step back and look at what you have become.


You used to be happy, used to talk freely with anyone.


Now you are the sad example I see today.


Pain slips through my heart whenever I see you,


because I know you are not happy to see me.


Your mind is stuck on the thought that without getting what you want, your life is over.


Your tears will slide down your cheecks in pure anguish of your loss.


While I must sit here and worry, not able to do a thing.


I dream about you killing yourself while I watch,


beause that is how I feel.


I feel as if I cannot do a thing while you take your own life,


because that seems like you are close to the edge.


Usually, a friend just listens to your problems.


Instead, I took your problems and made them my own.


Do you think you are alone in crying every day?


I cry for your very soul.


I cry that you do not realize you are special to me.


I cry because you do not realize...


That you are sacred....




You know you cannot resist me.


I am inside of you, always.


You can fool yourself into being happy.


You can say I do not exist at all.


But I am there inside of you.


I stalk around inside of you, waiting for the perfect moment to attack.


When you least expect it, the darkness will soon take over you.


So why not take the easier road.


Let the darkness flow inside of you.


Just take my cool embrace inside of you, and experience the wonders I hold.


All you must do is open up your heart.


And I will be there.


Madness is not a bad thing.


We will experience it, you and I.


And we will enjoy it.


Won't you take my hoof?


This is going to be a bumpy ride.





The wonderful fuzzy feeling that you feel in the pit of your stomach.



You may deny it, but everyone wants to feel the power of love.



Everyone wants to feel loved, to feel accepted.



Some thrive for it, other die for it.



But in the end, love is a dark, depressing thing.



It kills the weak, and weakens the strong.



It causes your heart to do things you would of never thought possible.



It turns happy children into depressed adults.



But love is also amazing as well.



It turns the weak into strong, and the strong into lovers.



It causes passion, and you thrive for the well being of others.



The difference between friendly love and romantic love goes together on a fine line.



Friendly love is where a friend say's they love you, and try to help you out of hard times.



Romantic love is the greatest feeling anyone can feel.



You begin to live for the person, and you do anything for them.



You believe that there is nothing that can separate you.



And then, when you least expect it, it is torn away from you.



You feel as if there is nothing left in the world, no excuse to live.



I am here to tell you there is a way out.



Continue to live your life.



They saying "there is someone for everyone" is false.



To find someone that is for you, you must work for it.



It will not just fall on your lap.



No matter how sad you become, keep fighting for your right to love.



The person out there is somewhere, just waiting for you.



Never give up my friends.



The hear is feeble and weak.



It is up to you to decide how much it can take.



My heart may of been torn to pieces, but I choose to continue fighting.



I may have been destroyed in the deceptive game of love more times than I am alive,



But I choose to continue fighting.



No matter how much your heart is smashed into the ground,



no matter how bad you may feel.



There is always more to live for.



You will eventually find that tiny shred of love that will complete your life.



I am still searching for my piece.



I will always continue to fight until my last breath.



I will find my true love.



I will become happy.



I will become the person I was meant to be.



The person that will make someone else's life the happiest they can be.



My goal is very simple, to make someone else happy.



So their hearts are never destroyed like mine.



In that twisted, evil game of love.





At last, the light at the end of the tunnel.


I have reached it.


No, it is not the light of the heavens.


It is greatest for when I am alive.


For that light, the light that I have finaly found.


Is the warm fuzzy feeling that I have looked for.


From this past year, the feeling subsided, hiding under the pit of darkness.


But, as time will tell, the feeling broke a hole through the darkness.


It put it's warming touch into my heart, killing the darkness I posses.


That feeling, you see, is happiness.


I know what I want to do with my life.


I want people to be happy.


I want others to feel how I do now.


No one deserves to feel pain that I have felt, so my journey to cause happiness begins.


Starting with whoever I reach in my path.


It may be you, it may be someone else.


All I know is, I cannot wait for the adventurer of my life.


The adventure of happiness is afoot, and I am on the train.


Won't you join me?



Two paths of Fate



by Gary L. Smitherman on Monday, September 5, 2011 at 12:16am



That horrible feeling growing in the back of me.


The feeling that you never want to feel, but it creeps back to you as a bug in the night, with you never seeing it coming.


As was the reason for my troubles came my way.


The problem arised in 7th grade, slowly overtaking my sense of mind without me taking notice.


Two years later, I discover I was overtaken in the feeling, knowing that there were only two roads out of this feeling.


The left road led to dispair and lonelyness, while the other clear path led to happiness and life.


But, as the world works, You soon realise that the path to the right is hazy and difficult to pass, while the route on the left was clear while dark, but you know that is the easyer path.


But, as stubborn teenager, I venture to the path on the right.


Soon I realise that the path on the right collided with the left, mixing the two feelings together.


Soon realising that you could realise one without the other. Intertwining the two paths, you try to venture on, gaining in difficulty as time passes.


Soon the path on the right grows on you, and you do not way to venture away.


But as you try, you realise the pain growing in your stomach.


A feeling worse than pain, worse than most things.


With pain, you know what had happened to you, but with uncertainity, You have no clue what had happened or what will.


Knowing very feel that the path's will soon come together again, You venture on.


Than as you go, you discover you have dug yourself a hole of your own feelings.


As we keep speaking, I fall deeper and deeper in the hole of love, and you know this very well, as the feeling of uncertainness returns once again.


Not knowing what will happen from the pit you have put yourself in, you keep going.


Forver strong, Forever venturing, making sure to keeping to the path on the right, the path I hope we will expierence not alone, but together.


I wrote this at the peak of my depression.

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I've never needed to scroll so hard to hit the bottom of one post.


Good shit though, finest.

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I've never needed to scroll so hard to hit the bottom of one post.


Good shit though, finest.


Made this thread a month ago.


Someone JUST posts.


Damn xD

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Made this thread a month ago.


Someone JUST posts.


Damn xD


Woah, I just saw it today.


Must have been the bump. Still, it's a good collection.

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This is too long to read,

but I know that feel.

When I look at some of my old sketch books,

I always think 'man what was my problem?'

lmao x)

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