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Animation Why Goku Is The Way He Is

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So anyone who watches dragon ball knows goku is kind of an idiotic goof who seems selfish and reckless. he often does things irregardless of how it effects others. he is often considered a bad father and husband as well. well, i'mma tell you why he is like that it centers around 3 points.

Traumatic brain injury: shortly after arriving on earth goku had a really nasty fall. it nearly killed him and put him into a coma. when he woke up he he had a gentler personality. but he also has a harder time with social skills and situational cognition. that is probably due to suffering brain damage as a child.


Lack of education: Goku never went to school. simple as that. when grandpa gohan died he pretty much survived on his own in the woods for years until he met bulma. Goku doesn't understand girls, sex, etc.


Bad influences: goku grew up around bad influences. a bunch of weirdos and loners. Grandpa gohan wasn't bad but he was a solitary old man. roshi and bulma were pervs. krillen was a loner. yamcha was a bandit etc.


as for the dad thing, well he never wanted it. he was kinda railroaded into it. in super it's revealed he and chi chi never kissed. goku was likely tricked into producing kids with her and married her due to a promise to her he made as a kid when he didn't even know what marriage was.

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He was pretty intelligent in Dragon Ball Z, even way smarter than Vegeta at times, but I found Goku to be inexplicably and significantly dumbed down in Super.

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