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My pony OC needs a last name.


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I recently made my own OC for the first time ever and I named it "Ray".


Yeah, my OC's name is Ray, which is also my real first name.

Originally my OC's name is Ray Vega (which is also my real name) but I thought "Vega" doesn't fit very well for my OC, especially for a pony from Equestria, so I need some suggestions for my pony OC's last name.


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5 hours ago, Jesse Terrence said:

Horse :v

ok ok, I'll be serious for a moment. What's his talent? Is there any sort of feature or characteristic on your OC that could make others recall him?

Well, his talent is being a very skilled investigator, knows a lots about laws, history, forensics, science, magic, and crime/investigation stuff, and does pay attention to every detail, sometimes even a small detail, can repair stuff really good, is a skilled at karate, martial arts, kung fu, taekwondo, Muay Thai, kickboxing, hand-to-hand combat (or in this case, hoof-to-hoof combat), MMA, boxing, wrestling, & Tang Soo Do, and is a skillful carpenter. 

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23 hours ago, abrony-mouse said:

Ray Shine and Ray Strike by @ExplosionMare and @Pandora 🐼 fit his investigative streak nicely and are cool.

Maybe you also feel like a Ray... Quillson? Because book.

Or a Ray... Leonis? It's a star and h'es a unicorn, also it's a lioney star so is bright and brave.


Hmmm... maybe Ray Strike seems fine to me, so I guess I'll pick Strike as my OC's last name.

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