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Starlight Glimmer vs Tempest Shadow: Who would win in a fight?

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Two reformed antagonists duke it out: Season 5's main villain versus the movie's second in command threat.

Starlight's magical power and pragmatism in battle pitted against Tempest's own power and immense force. 

Considering their combat proficiency and feats, who do you think comes out on top?


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Starlight is the most powerful unicorn in the show, so she would win unless Tempest could find a clever way to defeat her. 

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On the magic end: Starlight, easily. Even if Tempest is technically more powerful, her skills are limited to brute-force attacks, whereas Starlight can improvise. It's like a girl with a rocket launcher fighting against a wizard.

On the other hand, combined with her pyrotechnic "improvised explosive devices," Tempest has parkour skills, which makes her the closest thing we ever get to the classic Hollywood action star.

Unfortunately we really don't know how Tempest handles herself in a fight, because plot armor made four Alicorns (and the entirety of the royal guard who were conveniently absent) just stand there like idiots while she froze them in stone prisons.

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