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Restoring Username Filters

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As part of the upgrade we are cleaning up some bugs, errors, and security issues. Until sometime last year no user had the ability to have unicode characters, but the filter was disabled. As everything is functioning again, I am reverting to full filter back, and that means that you will be losing the unicode characters. I actually had long dormant plans to apply this as a feature for subscribers since it costs an arm and a leg to keep the site up and running, but it was hard to unveil a new benefit for the financial supporters of the site when anyone can get the feature for free. I have seen some people notice this. I tend not to announce bug fixes or restoring filters. This is pretty standard Admin fair, and I am sorry that some have been enjoying the exploit, but at least you know that you might be able to see them in the future in some official and sanctioned form that helps us stay up and running. 

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