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adventure Elements of Equestria: Chapter 11


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Chapter 11: One Reason

Tempest had finally opened her eyes and was at first blinded by the light around her. Once she had recollected her surroundings, she slowly raised her head and looked around at the unfamiliar room she was in now. She looked down at herself and saw that she was covered in bandages and lying on a white bed, but she still managed to move ever so slightly.

Before she could get up from the bed, she felt somepony gently push her back down, but jumped at the touch and only glared and prepared to attack the nurse pony before she realized that she was not a threat.

"Take it easy, Ms. Tempest! Don't try to get up so quickly now!"

Tempest looked around at all the medical equipment and doctors around her. She faced the nurse pony with a confused look and wondered what had happened.

"W-Where am I? What... happened to me?"

"Well, two ponies brought you and another pony here after you had sustained some pretty bad injuries. We managed to patch you back up as best we could, but there was nothing we could do about your broken horn I'm afraid..."

Tempest glared at the pony again when she mentioned her horn and the pony cleared her throat before she quickly changed the subject.

"Uhh... Anyway, your rescuers asked us to inform them when you would wake so... I better go and get them. Yeah..."

The nurse pony slowly inched her way out a room before leaving Tempest by herself. She slowly got up from the bed, but could still feel pain as she tried to stand up and after several attempts, she managed to safely stay on her feet.

"Ughhh... My head. What... happened?" 

Tempest held her head as she tried to remember what happened before she came here. Flashes of lightning and images of the pony Storm Breaker passed her thoughts, but then remembered what had happened to Lee.

"L-Lee... Lee. LEE!! Oh by the stars, Lee!!!"

Tempest tried to rush out of her room, but saw Celestia and Luna enter at the same time and they blocked her path.

"Princesses! Umm... hello." Tempest had little to say to Celestia and Luna due to her previous "interactions" with them.

"Tempest, thank goodness you're okay! Are you feeling alright?" Celestia asked.

"Y-Yes, I am fine... and thank you for helping me too. I really do... appreciate it."

"Of course! We're just glad we got there when we did... and Lee is... well." Luna hung her head in sadness as she mentioned Lee, but Tempest pressed the matter to find out what had happened to Lee.

"Where is he? I need to see him and make sure that he is okay..."

Celestia and Luna looked at each with concern before they agreed to show Tempest where Lee was and Celestia told Tempest to follow them.


The princesses and Tempest walked until they reached a room titled "Emergency Room" and Tempest immediately gasped when she opened the door and saw Lee lying motionless on the bed in front of her. Celestia and Luna followed close behind her and they all gathered around the bed before the nurse pushed them back and told them to give Lee some space.

Tempest still quickly went to his side and tried to wake him by calling his name, but he did nothing to respond to her. Tempest felt more tears in her eyes as she looked at Lee and tried her hardest to hold in the tears so that nopony could see her cry.

"He's been like this for three days... The doctors tried everything but he just isn't waking up and they don't know what to do. We're both very sorry that this happened... If we had been there sooner-"

Suddenly, Tempest interrupted as she felt herself shaking with guilt and sadness and she just couldn't hold it in anymore and let out a large scream of anguish, making the entire room look at her simultaneously.

"I did this... I did this to him! I-I was too weak to stop that pony and I should've... should've... but he just HAD to push me out of the way... It should've been me..."

Tempest fell to her knees as tears poured from her eyes and held her head in agony. 

"L-Lee... I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry..."

Celestia and Luna both approached Tempest and hugged her tightly and tried to calm her down. Tempest actually did hug them both back and continued to say that she was sorry.

"You have nothing to apologize for, Tempest! This isn't your fault, I promise it isn't..."

"Lee acted on his own accord and he only did what he thought was right, what he knew was right. He protected you from a horrible fate and saved you from a madpony... He'd want you to feel happy for him that he could protect somepony he cares about. He just didn't want you to get hurt and he took a shot for you to make sure that you keep on going."

"There's a reason he did that and the reason is you, Tempest!"

Tempest looked at the two princesses and then looked at Lee with a new sense of surprise and shock as a smile finally came back to her when she realized what Lee was doing.

"Lee... my friend. My..."

Celestia and Luna released Tempest as she went back over to Lee's bed and knelt down next to him. She placed a hoof around his and gently caressed his mane as she smiled at him.

"Lee... if you can hear me in there somewhere... I want you to know that I... I care about you and I want you to wake up so I can see your eyes  and your smile again and tell you... tell you how I feel."

She slowly moved her lips to Lee's cheek and kissed him gently before whispering the words "Thank you" to him. She kissed him on the cheek twice more before she finally moved away from his bed.

"Thank you... for saving me, Lee. And now... I'm gonna find this Storm Breaker and put an end to this... once and for all."

Tempest prepared to leave the room, but Celestia and Luna blocked her way again and Luna asked her what she was doing.

"Leave? What do you mean leave? You can't leave now! What about Lee?"

"You two don't understand! I have to find this pony and put a stop to this... She's done this because of me and I'll be the one to stop her."

"Alone? Preposterous! We'll go with you!" Celestia said.

"No, I don't want to be responsible for either of you two getting hurt... I need to do this alone."

Luna pondered to herself about what to do and decided that it would be best if they split up and nudged her sister to get her attention. They whispered to each other while Tempest stood there and a moment later, faced her again.

"Tempest, I'll go with you." Luna said as she stepped forth. Before Tempest could interrupt, Luna interrupted her first and explained to her.

"You cannot possibly do this alone and I promise that we will bring this madpony to justice. Celestia will stay here with Lee and let you know when he wakes up."

Celestia and Luna nodded to each other in agreement and Tempest looked at them and sighed in defeat as she smiled.

"Well, who am I to deny aid from the Princesses of Equestria? Thank you both for all that you have done... I hope I can return the favor one day. Princess Celestia, please let me know the moment that Lee wakes up please."

"Of course, Tempest! You and Luna stay save now and I'll be sure to watch over Lee."

Tempest and Luna left the room and Celestia remained as she looked at Lee with heavy concern.

"Lee... Come back to us... please. Forget everything that has happened because it doesn't matter anymore. You have ponies who care about you and want you to be safe: Me and Luna, Tempest and Twilight and Starlight too. We all care about you... Please, please wake up Lee."

Celestia sighed as she left the room and left Lee by himself. As the room went dark and quiet, one of Lee's wings twitched ever so slightly and a single tear came from Lee's eye.

Wake Up... Wake Up.

A/N: Hooray! Finally got a new chapter done! Hope everyone enjoys it!


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30 minutes ago, LyraLover said:

I think it's off to a good start! You're developing their bond well. :Tempest:

Lee saving Tempest is what made her fall in love with him and that feeling is what’ll keep both her and Lee going strong!

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