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Open A Stone in Ripple's Heart (1x1 with Califorum)

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@Silicon Chimera

Maud would lead the way out, thankfully after the train had dispersed the crowd would then flood onto the train and as they walked away there was less ponies. Maud would lead them to the road her family farm was on. The land around was desolate, rocky, with various houses and streets, but one street lead further from all others. "Welcome." Maud would speak.

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OOC Here @Califorum It was the middle of Spring in the Emerald Isles, and the famed Archaeologist and Historian, Ripple Twist, was busy excavating some ancient ruins that recently been disco

@Silicon Chimera Maud blinked more and then sat down. "I hope I can stay. I recently got my rockterate, and graduated. I can stay for a long time. A few months, years in a rock's lifespan is seco

@Califorum Ripple would smile, wagging her tail like a happy puppy "Well extending won't hurt too much, we'd have to get the appropriate permits, but I think that won't be too hard to obtain, as


Ripple would smile and sigh in relief once they got out into the open spaces "Thank you" she'd say softly, as large crowds weren't really her thing either. She smiles as they walk, walking close to Maud.

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