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ponii's pony art dump thread

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im stupid and totally forgot art dump threads existed and decided to make my own so uuuuuuuuh here's some funny funky arts i've drawn recently

(future art and doodles will be posted here as well, i will not be posting it in a separate forum topic anymore)

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I love your style! It it like each image is being done in a slightly different way, that's great variety. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread, would love to continue seeing stuff from you. :) 

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eqg's artstyle makes me unreasonably angry so heres me trying to lighten it up or make it more realistic while still being fun

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Oh this is wonderful, I really dig your style! You have a wide range from paintings to cartoons, I love it! :eager:

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2 minutes ago, Kujamih said:

...equines .... Im sure they don't have.... Split... Hooves? * Double checks*

horses can sometimes have cracked hooves in the middle (its pretty common) - i just thought it would be a neat idea to use that in the way i draw ponies

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Yeah i thought so too.... Don't:lie: show this to rarity though....

You know it wouldve been awesome to see this on apple jack though?.... I guess she does take care of her hooves afterall

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I literally came here not at all expecting any of that? :wub:


I absolutely love your style, and each piece is much more different from the last. I love it!

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