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Sauron In Equestria?


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How much damage could Sauron do to Equestria? Let's say Sauron ends up in Equestria with the One Ring. He does not have his great hosts of orcs and others with him. The Second Age version, before the Fall of Numenor, he can hide the fact he is evil and change his shape/look to pose as some sort of angelic being. (The Ponies will not be able to kill him without Mount Doom, but they could defeat him and jail him away in Tartarus)

Sauron binds his time. He's immortal. He slowly spread corruption in the world. He starts to gather followers to worship Morgoth. Worshipers of Morgoth would offer sacrifices to him by killing ponies/others in a bloody ritual.

At some point, the ponies and others find out Sauron intends to rule the entire world and bend all life to his will. They fight a great battle to stop him. It's a pyrrhic victory for good, many died, but Sauron still lives. Now, the ponies have to deal with The One Ring. They need to seal it away in a vault or hide it somewhere. If let's say even Princess Celestia tries to use it, it would make her go insane and just become another Dark Lord like Sauron.

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  • The title was changed to Sauron In Equestria?

They could probably eventually use the elements of harmony to defeat him. 

As a pony he would look like this.

Sauron pony Digital (don't question it) by NovemberLilly ...

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There already is a Sauron in Equestria. He's called Sombra. :P 

Yeah, believe it or not, Sauron could actually fit in Equestria quite nicely since MLP likes The Lord of the Rings. Not just The Crystal Empire, but the 2017 MLP movie was inspired by TLoTR too. Now that Sombra's more like Dracula, I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to introduce another Sauron-like character into the series. :fluttershy:

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Sauron's Equestria would be pretty much the dystopian Flim & Flam future. The shire (Equestria) would be ripped up for industry. Also even nastier things like genetic experiments on ponies to make them into evil ponies... which I shall call porks :3





*reimagines LOTR as ponies*

Fortunately a cute lil sheltie pony from Sheltiton called Fropony Baggins, with a long curly mane and voiced by Elijah Wood finds the ring in the second pony age. With his faithful gardener, Samwhinny Gamgee, he takes it into the largest of Sauflim and Ronflam's factory, through the legions of evil porks, to the one place where it can be weakened enough to succumb to pony magic.

Inside the factory Fropony Baggins is attacked by an evil and twisted dwarf pony called Heaves who once held the ring... only to be driven mad by it. Fropony and Heaves fight on top of Sauflim's largest tractor. Fropony's sheltie determination appears to have the upper hoof when Heaves manages to bite the ring out of Fropony's hoof! When all seems lost, the two friends' love for each other ignites their pony rainbow power and the ring is finally destroyed, while Heaves is restored to a sparkly and cute dwarf pony form. They all hug :3 

After Fropony Baggins, Samwhinny Gamgee and Cuddles (formerly Heaves) stomp the ring under their sparkly pony hooves they all travel back to Equestria and live happily ever after. 

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