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writing Everything will be ok little sister


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Your mother may hurt you,

she may kick you while you're down.


But what she says is not the truth,

it could not be any farther.


She does not understand home is with us,

home is with your Jokuc.


She may say that you do nothing,

but you do in fact as well.


You give me a reason to smile,

you give Jokuc a reason to smile.


Life can be lived with our Pinkazoid,

it would be hard without.


We both share the pain of our mothers,

both share the pain of their ignorance.


But together we can survive,

together we will live.


I am always here for you little sis',

and I always will be.


I love you Aylin.

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Krystal makes the best poems.......

Wow i cant explain this with words its just to good i wish i could brohoof this more than once.


(Note can you please respond to your RP The End i kinda applied there.)

Anyways still an epic Poem.

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So much this

Posted Image

SO MUCH. Finest you are awesome. And very talented, too.


In moments like this, I wish there was a "Hug" button I could press..

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It's no doubt you are easily one of the most gifted members on the forums when it comes to literature, and you show it once again.


Nice, beautiful work.

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