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movies/tv Any Bob Ross fans here?


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Even though I have the artistic skills of a tree stump, I always do enjoy seeing the legendary Bob Ross paint something, building cabins and planting happy little trees (as well as beating the devil out of his brush). Even if you're not a painter, he's always relaxing to listen to.

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He inspired my girlfriend to give painting a bit of a go but she decided she's more of a paint by the numbers person. We had a game night with her family where we just followed a tutorial of his. I'd like to follow some more to get better with lighting, color, and clouds. I'm pretty confident with general HD detail.

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I'm not an artist but I appreciate that he has a lot of talent. It makes me cringe when I see him make broad strokes to add trees, mountains or other features to his paintings because I'm always afraid he's going to ruin an already great-looking piece of work. But he always manages to make his paintings beautiful and seemingly with little effort. I have to like that. 

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