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G5 horse art style may have been revealed

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we see three ponies in a completely art style in a soon to come licensed merchandise by a fabric company. It seems to be releasing in September, same month of G5 releasing as far as it was officially

Oof, I knew I've seen those smiles somewhere before.

I disagree. FiM looked more cutesy. But THIS looks more lifeless. I’m hoping it’s just because it’s the merch that they look so dead-eyed. Old FiM merch looked really blank-faced too. B

Posted Images


If this is the official art style for G5, It's better than MLP's earlier art styles, but it doesn't really stand out or interest me. I'll give G5 look, like I did with Pony Life- which I ended up not caring for after giving it a fair shot.


On 2021-02-23 at 1:49 AM, Kyoshi said:

The cutesyness of it is totally fine with me. Even so, am I the only feeling they are trying to double down on the whole "it's for girls" thing with this look? It's sorta screaming that according to my vision balls.

I got this vibe EXACTLY.

Judging from the art style, It also seems like their ages are probably somewhere between the CMC and the Mane 6. 


I was 25 back in 2013 when I first found G4 MLP. It had to REALLY be good to keep my interest at that age, with me starting in the negative, remembering seeing reruns of the old one as a kid. The funniest thing is that I had just finished Breaking Bad and loved that show- but almost missed out on it because I thought the idea of a chemistry teacher deciding to make drugs sounded like a terrible and stupid idea for a show.:eww: I dropped the "judging a book by its cover" method when it comes to dismissing shows after that. I started really noticing things about a new MLP. I decided to give it a chance and now MLP:FIM is really my favorite cartoon show. However I ended up liking it for specific reasons.

  • Flash animated (and very well done) I've animated a little in flash in school and was surprised how dynamic and "UN- SOUTHPARKY":laugh: the animation was.
  • Good writing. It wasn't brain melting, stupid, or specifically girly at all for the most part. (I also at first kind of thought Celestia was kind a troll in her methods:laugh:)
  • Great voice acting.
  • The Mane 6 were YOUNG ADULTS and working age? I found this point particularly interesting when I noticed after the first few episodes.
  • Later on the whole fandom and cast/crew involvement.
  • DISCORD:umad:

SOO if this new generation doesn't have most of these above points, or ends up being heavily invested in the middle/high school scene,:scoots: then I'll probably not be watching.




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5 hours ago, Rushing cash said:

The drawings just under the pillow are from the side, and overall looks a bit better. Here is a close up(possible spoiler names are mentioned, so beware):

I'll probably never understand the fuss about spoilers. Anyway, they look OK, if that's the G5 art style, then I'm OK with it.

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No need to use spoilers here, guys. The entire purpose of this thread is to share leaked images of the art style.

Also, please post images directly and not just links!


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Alright I give in... After looking at them for a while back and forth, the G5 design are pretty adorable :Tempest:

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19 hours ago, TBD said:

Alright I give in... After looking at them for a while back and forth, the G5 design are pretty adorable :Tempest:

I must say they weren’t that appealing in the fabric, nor the animation stills. But watching them animated is a completely different story :mlp_icwudt:. Still not better than G4 horses in my opinion, but that’s a mark  hard to surpass :mlp_yeehaa:

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