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Favourite G5 character so far?


Favourite G5 character so far?  

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  1. 1. Favourite G5 character so far?

    • Sunny Starscout (earth pony mare)
    • Izzy Moonbow (unicorn mare)
    • Pipp (pegasus mare)
    • Hitch Trailblazer (earth pony stallion)
    • Zipp Storm (pegasus mare)

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I like Zipp Storm so far because her design are so cute!


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can't wait to see them in action! I would love to see the Zipp in a different color (smth less girly) but if it is meant to be... :bea: others are really cool and I think they will look better in complete animation - I mean trailer or...


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I don't know which G5 character is my favorite since we hardly know anything about them besides their designs, so I guess Sunny Starscout for now. My opinions can change once the movie comes out, so I'll just wait and see.

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So far I've been loving the new designs direction of g5 all the ponies look good but naturally some areas better than others here's my ranking of the mane five. 

1. Izzy Moonbow

Yeah call me predictable but i just cant help but love her design, from her wavy mane to her color scheme (i like purple so im probably biased lol) and her cute personality shes easily my fave pony of g5 so far

2. Pipp Petals

Pipps pretty good around good color scheme, good design and she has one of my fave things about g5, to go on a tangent her promo shows here with a phone but the phones got a thing on the back to slot a hoof into so a pony could hold it, call me weird but i love little bits of world building like that you can see it too in sunnys room but we'll get to her later, to get back on subject Pipps an all round good character from what we've seen so far 

3. Hitch Trailblazer 

Hitch's design is pretty good too about as good as Pipps, the reason he ranks lower is cos hasbro made a big deal about promoting him as the first male mane character and im worried that the movie and later show will constantly bring his gender into it, hopefully they won't and hitch will be a genuinely good character and not be just some token male stereotype. 

4. Sunny Starscout and Zipp Storm

I'm ranking these two together cos they have the same issue i have with their designs but with different versions of the issue, to me they both look like OCs but in different ways, Sunny has the look-alike problem in that she shares a colour scheme very similar to scootaloos and her saddle bag just seems to me an effort to make her look different from scootaloo, Zipp has the overdesigned eye sore problem i see in a lot of OCs, with her multicoloured mane and especially her multicoloured wings i know multi coloured manes are common in MLP like with rainbow dash and celestia ect, but Zipps multicolour design has no theme behind it for these reasons Sunny and Zipp are my least favourite designs so far. 

Please keep in mind im not saying that any of these opinions are definitive and set in stone theres a decent chance they'll change over time, and as for me finding Sunny and Zipp my least favourite designs so far that doesn't meant they're bad they're alright actually, i personally find the fact that my least favourite designs are alright shows that we're in for a good generation in terms of design. 

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