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Favourite G5 character so far?  

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  1. 1. Favourite G5 character so far?

    • Sunny Starscout (earth pony mare)
    • Izzy Moonbow (unicorn mare)
    • Pipp (pegasus mare)
    • Hitch Trailblazer (earth pony stallion)
    • Zipp Storm (pegasus mare)

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No love for Sunny "Mane Character" Starscout? 

https://www.sofurry.com/view/1689215   #izzygang will always be the best gang

It's early, but Izzy Moonbow so far. Those animations display so much life for all of them, but it's Izzy with her giggle and hyper waving that catches my attention; she's absolutely adorable!

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Pipp is actually a vote ahead of Zipp at the time of me writing this? What sorcery could this be? :sunbutt:

Hitch is still my man, a fact that I'm proud of not just because he's the man, but also because I'm helping Izzy's fan club not experience a too terrible shortage of jackets. :mlp_icwudt: With her being my second favorite, I also don't feel like too much of a contrarian, so it's the best of both worlds. :fluttershy:

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I guess Pipp is technically my favorite, but DANG IT I love Zipp as well. The sisters just appeal to me in an equal fashion. Can't explain why, but I love em. :wub:

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Zipp is objectively best pony. She's a chill, athletic jock and is good at science and math. She's crossed wires that most characters only dream of doing. She literally doesn't need anyone else for anything, but mingles with the mortals anyway because she's just that cool.

Also her sister is cute and I live for seeing them.

Izzy is a more level headed Pinkie with super strength so she is an acceptable alternative choice, but since she doesn't have a cute sister (yet?) she loses every time imo. Thems the rules

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Based on the movie alone, I absolutely adore Izzy! She's very endearing and I love her design. I'm not sure if she'll stay my favorite though, since she is going to have a different VA for the shows. Kimiko Glenn's performance made up so much of what I like about her, and I'm not sure if Ana Sani hits the same.

Second fave is Zipp! Her design really appeals to me and I like her personality. She'll probably be my favorite if I don't warm up to Izzy's new voice.

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